Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wine, Dine & 69

First of all, I'm sorry to keep some of my readers waiting. (You know who you are. Haha!)

Anyway, November was a fantastic month! So was December! Nah, not that I had more sex than ever. It's just that everything went on smoother than before.

In addition, I got to know a few girls. Girls whose sex drives are as high as the heavens! So, it was quite obvious that we spent most of our time talking about sex. We shared our sizzling experiences, joked about our first-times, drooled over sex toys & got all aroused over foreplay.

One particular topic caught my interest - oral sex. To the ladies, it's known as fellatio. And to the fellas, it's known as the hard-to-pronounce cunnilingus. I'll touch on cunnilingus (ie. stimulation of the pussy) in the near future.

Now, let's talk about fellatio (ie. stimulation of the dick)!

An amateur would bob her head up & down while she slurp over her guy's shaft. But an expert would not only blow for her guy, but she would most probably blow his mind away.

And I mean far, far away.

I had this very one experience which made me fully understand the real meaning of a blowjob.

She licked & sucked like she never tasted meat before. No, she wasn't barbaric. Neither was she impatient. She was like a judge in a cooking contest, taking her time to leave sticky trails all over my dick. She was a naughty schoolgirl, engulfing my dickhead with her lips as she flicked her tongue teasingly.

She massaged my balls. With her hands? Nope. She has already moved on. With her mouth, I mean. She sucked hard, savouring lustfully. She sucked harder while she grab her fingers around my dick.

She even gave soft bites! I was groaning in pain, yet I was smiling.

She wasn't merciful either. The moment my thighs grew taut, she knew I'm gonna blow. She didn't want this food-tasting session to end. She grabbed the base of my dick. That urge to detonate subsided.

For now.

She continued her teasings, breathing onto my dickhead at times. I'm having flashbacks about me humping her. I did it slow at first. Then I went faster, harder & deeper. She interrupted my train of thought. Suddenly, she went faster. And harder. And faster.

She's having her sweet revenge.

I surrendered withing seconds, filling her throat with her much-deserved rewards.

Should she swallow or spit? That doesn't matter anymore.

A reader commented, "Should I kiss her even after my cum went through the roof of her mouth?" It's a definite yes.

That's what I did before mounting her & brought her to the heavens for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Boys With Toys

性情趣店 is the topic of the day. I just returned from Taipei, and I'm still feeling overwhelmed.

I must say Taipei is Heaven to all freedom-lovers. You're free to do anything there. And I mean anything & everything!

There was this satirical variety show and hey! Guess what? Its cast & crew suffered no governmental oppression! So much for sex bloggers in Singapore.

Anyway, other than the countless delicious food & numerous beautiful girls (Esp the girls! They can sweep me away so effortlessly without putting on any makeup), I took a lot of interests in the sex shops of Taipei.

Now let's see what's the difference between the sex shops in Taipei & those in Singapore.

Sex shops really mushroomed throughout Taipei City. There weren't any visible public outcry against such businesses. And there was a wider variety of sex merchandise - exotic condoms, zestful vibrators, impressive dildos, tips on having good sex, tips on giving mind-blowing fellatio & cunnilingus, role-play costumes, BDSM kits, masturbation kits (for both genders).

You name it, they have it!

Plus, you don't see Taiwanese blushing at sex toys. Nope, they don't point & giggle like Singaporean schoolgirls (or schoolboys).

And I must emphasize this once again. There wasn't any governmental oppression! No public wrath either!

Well, I'll keep this entry short. If you want more details, try reading this.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Late Bloomer

I must admit I'm a late bloomer.

I was 17 when I experienced a number of first-times - First time to assess the Internet, first time to watch video porn, first time to realise that girls are already having sex at a young age of 12 & first time to have sex.

But it was a year later when I first engaged in good foreplay.

I knew I had disappointed my then-girlfriend when I took her virginity - I was selfish & indifferent to her feelings. All I cared about was the sizzling sensation I experienced when my dick slided into her pussy. Subsequent love-making sessions got better though but they were not good enough.

So I decided to do a bit of research by reading men's magazine. And that was when foreplay came into.. urm.. play.

After months of trial & error, I finally got my girlfriend panting & smiling after sex!

It was an ordinary day in July when my girlfriend & I were kissing passionately in my bedroom. In the midst of tongue-sucking & lips-nimbling, I caressed her lower back with her hands clinging onto my hair.

We were enjoying ourselves immensely.

I went on to nimble her earlobe, thinking that it might be one of her erogenous zones. Unfortunately it wasn't. She didn't react to that. Instead, she genlty pushed my head towards the nape of her neck. So that was where she wanted it, I thought. Savouring her neck, I allow my hands to crawl into her spagetti-stripe. Her breaths got shallow as I cupped the underside of her breasts.

She let out a short gasp as I squeezed her assets meekly.

As soon as her top came off, our tongues met again for another swordfight. My hands went behind her to unhook her bra, but I wasn't in a hurry to pull it off.

I let it slide off her breasts sexily as I brush my palm against her thighs.

More gasps were heard.

As much as she wanted to resist my advance, she embraced me as I kissed her chest, digging her nails into me as I give tender bites. Her nipples then peeked coyly out of her brassiere.

A soft moan can be heard as I twitched her nipples lightly. It became audible when I wrapped my lips around it. She shivered a little when I sucked on it, gliding my tongue over it at the same time.

By the time I released my oral grip, her nipples were visibly hardened.

I allowed my tongue to explore other parts of her body, which included her arms, hands & fingers. Not forgetting her sensuous tummy.

Her response? She moaned through her teeth as she kneaded my meat in my shorts.

I took off her skirt and pulled off her panties through the waistband. I laid her down onto my bed as her panties floated down. Spreading her legs came next.

What a sight! "You're beautiful", I noted while admiring the glitter in between her limbs. I bent over & pecked on her thigh. I got closer & closer to her pussy, then I shifted my mouth to her other thigh. I did that a number of times, breathing into her pussy teasingly each time.

"Baby please," my girlfriend pleaded through grins, "I'm very wet.. I need your tong.. Haah..!" A loud moan could only mean I've interrupted her with my tongue on her pussy.

After some long strokes, I spreaded her labia & slided in. She squirmed & arched her pelvis a little. She further hugged my head with her thighs as I explored her warm-insides. Withdrawing my tongue, I engulfed my mouth on her pussy, sucking as much sweet juices as possible, treating each drop like bird's nest trickling down my throat.

By then, her clit has escaped from its hood. She almost screamed as I drew shapes around her pinkish-red swell. I proceeded to sizzle her as I placed some wet touches on her clit. I further surprised her as I wriggled a couple of fingers in & out of her pussy.

I stopped gradually & sat up. It's time to stop the leak between her legs. I then slided a thick blanket under her hips and stroked my dick against her pussy.

I positioned myself & pushed my hardness into her, sending electrifying tremors throughout her body. She wrapped her legs across my hips as I humped. Slow & gentle at first, I picked up speed while she bucked her bottom towards me.

Minutes passed, and the end seemed near. Her thighs became taut and she arched her back even more. I, too, can't hold on any longer.

I withdrew my dick & broke the dam onto her torso. At the same moment, she came, as orgasmic spasms rippled everywhere.

It all concluded with me cuddling on her heaving chest with droplets of perspiration on our foreheads..

Friday, October 28, 2005

Taking A Moment

I'll like to take a moment & observe a minute of silence for Hazel.

No. She isn't dead.

But her blog is.

Hazel was a victim of public fuss & finger-pointing. Yet she was brave to stand up against myopic & narrow-minded individuals. And not forgetting the media which was so ruthless to dig up juicy stories.

Therefore, I shall commend Hazel for being daring - both sexually & intellectually.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I was walking towards the MRT station in the evening today when I was welcomed by a rousing sight.

Picture this.

You just knocked off. Feeling dead tired, you dragged your lifeless body towards the nearest train station. And then you see a couple of teenagers making out beside it.


Nonchalant to how daring youngsters are these days, I was actually attracted to how the couple made out.

A short intro of the couple: Secondary school students. 15-16 years of age (the guy was in long pants). Very horny.

I was taking my time to stroll towards the train station whilst the guy neck his girl. Being young & restless, I bet the both of them became impatient very quickly. Within seconds, the guy has already unbuttoned the girl's blouse.

He didn't even take the time to unhook her bra.

Pulling up the bra like a T-shirt, the guy squeezed his girl's breasts as he continued to kiss her passionately. Then, he proceeded hastily to taste the girl's bosoms.

I guess the girl was really enjoying herself, judging from how desperately she undid her guy's pants, reached into his briefs & played with his dick. All these happened as the guy swirled his tongue around his girl's nipples.

The guy's hands weren't doing nothing though. One of them grabbed the girl's waist while the other disappeared under her skirt.

From where I was standing, their moans were audible. That was also when I hastened my trip towards the train station.

I did not want to be seen with my dick tenting through my business pants.

Conclusion? That was one helluva 2-minute presentation. I've made out & had sex in every possible location - my own bedroom, my kitchen, my living room, staircase landings, parks, restrooms. I haven't tried budget hotels, swimming pools, beaches, chalets, schools & offices though. I even had a female friend who has had sex on a bus before.

And now I've witnessed the MRT display.

What's next?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Big Hooha

Now they are banning people who share their sexual escapades.

That's just great. Or should I say, "Wah lao eh!"

Chewing gum banned? No comments. There're still Ricola & Mentos.
Cigarettes banned? No comments. I'm not a smoker though.

But banning blogged sex experience? I guess they just went a little too far.

C'mon! Sex is not a taboo in this era anymore! For those who still feel uneasy reading or talking about sex, hey. This is the year 2005. You're in the 21st century. We're in the new millenium.

This is not 1985 or 1995 when youngsters still giggle at pictures of boobs & dicks. People don't blush at the sight of condoms anymore. Not to even mention a sex toy.

And they're treating this more seriously than the flu pandemic. Sigh.

Everyone is having sex already - be it orally, anally or normally. We are trying to learn how to enjoy sex to its fullest. But being labelled as a bad influence? I think not.

I have a suggestion. Since more & more teenagers & young adults are having sex already, why still focus on preventing pre-marital sex? We could do a little bit more on having safe sex.

Give us a break!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005



What will u do if I lock your tongue with mine while I caress your bare waist? Will u back away if I neck u while I stroke your arms and back? Will u squirm if I lick your nipples, occasionally sucking them? Will u moan while I kiss your thighs slowly, letting them part on their own, making your juice flow? Will u yearn for more if I lap your pussy with long strokes, then lick your clit til u're ever-wet? How about if I slide it gently into u and rock u throughout the night? Will u ask me to stop if I suck your clit again til u reach your climax? Will u kiss me all over after the heat is over?

Just think about it.."

This was originally written by yours truly.

But I guess there are guys out there who are supporters of plagarism.

Or maybe their own Friendster testimonials are too short to be true.

"Oh.. I wanna suck your breasts.. Pinch your nipples.. Finger-f*** u! I wanna f*** u all night!"


"Can I meet u? Then we can have all kinds of fun we want! I want u to taste my cum! Oh yeah!"

I bet these sentences do not score among the girls who are daring enough to go into details of their sex lives.

Where is all the foreplay? And no respect for the ladies? That's a big no-no! Do you male despos out there know that in order to enjoy sex, you have to let your girls enjoy foreplay first?

C'mon! Stop plagiarising! You don't jump onto my bandwagon like that.

I shall keep this entry short. Good night & sleep tight, ladies! (Oh ya. I've specially reserved goodnight kisses to Hazel & Xi Shi)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Acid Test

I saw this sexuality test on TV during the weekend & found it quite interesting. Take some time out of your one-night-stands & try it!

Which part of your face do you hate most?
1. Eyes
2. Nose
3. Eyebrows
4. Ears


If you've chosen your...

1. Eyes - You love foreplay the most. Dirty-talking & teasing are inevitable before you engage in some physical grinding. So if you're a girl, nothing in this world can satisfy you until every patch of your skin & flesh is licked, sucked, stroked, hugged, squeezed, fondled & fingered. And if you're a guy, you'll love your girl more if she flicks your nipples & savours your dick.


2. Nose - You can only reach 101% satiation if you dominate your partner. You love to pin your partner under you as you conquer him/her. The only time when you'll experience an adrenaline rush is when you see your partner writhe under you as the two of you hump throughout the night. So, if you're a guy, the missionay position fits you the most. And if you're a girl, then you sure love riding your guy!


3. Eyebrows - You want to be dominated. You're the slave who'll let your partner do whatever s/he wants to do. It'll be breathtaking if your hands are being held in place as your partner luxuriate in your body. For a girl, it'll be stupendous if your guy rams you as he grabs your thighs down. Well, for a guy, you'll love to have hot candle wax dripped onto your nipples, thighs & even your dickhead during BDSM. Only then can you relive the moments like a tortured schoolgirl.


4. Ears - You own a copy of the Karmasutra. You want to have as much fun as possible while having sex. Trying out different sexual positions is your forte - be it missionary, girl-on-top, spooning, doggy, standing, sitting, on the bed, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the park, at the staircase or in a classroom. It doesn't matter whether you're a guy or a girl. You just want fun amidst the squishes between the dick & the pussy.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Female Domination

I have never had sex with a sexually experienced girl until I was 20. And she was then 17.

She was a Net friend whom I knew through the then-crowded IRC. Frankly, we never talked about sex. I never knew anything sexual about her. Our chats usually surround our hobbies, our dislikes & every-day happenings. We, too, met up for movies, shopping & dinner.

But no sex was involved.

Inevitably, sex became one of our chat topics after knowing each other for 7-8 months. It was then I discovered she wasn't a virgin anymore. She lost it to one of her boyfriends when she was 15. I didn't know whether she loved sex since but I assumed she's hooked to it.


Because she revealed a lot about her sex life - Having romps in the public bus, the number of times she masturbated weekly & how she loved it when her guy licked her nipples. On top of that, she asked me a lot about my sex life - how hot were my experiences, do I use condoms & have any girls done a bj on me before.

One fine day, we met up again. She proposed it, saying she needed help with her school work. She popped by my place and I tutored her. We lazed around after awhile and started to chat.

It wasn't meant to be a sex session, but it all started from chatting about sex. She shared her recent experience and it got the both of us all turned on.

It came to a point when I'm really hard down there and it was an obvious sight to her. (I was wearing shorts and something was tenting through. How unsubtle can it get?) Finally, I grabbed her by her waist and kissed her on her lips.

Our tongues were doing the swordfight when I caressed her back & down to her butt, squeezing it occasionally. I took off her T-shirt & fondled her soft breasts through her bra. What surprised me was she took the initiative to undo my shorts and stroke my dick. The girls I had sex with were comparatively inexperienced, and they usually let me do the petting.

But this girl took the cake. She took off her bra and motioned me to taste her breasts. I did it without hesitation. I then reached into her waistband and slided off her skirt. It got more intensed when I pulled off her panties.

We're exploring each other with our hands and mouths. I tasted her breasts while breathing onto her cleavage. She was moaning softly while locking her fingers into my hair. I then allowed my tongue to glide down her body, kissing her tummy along the way and reached her thighs.

She spread her thighs, and I nimble her inner thighs teasingly. As her moans got louder, I plunged my face into her pussy, breathing through her tuft of pubic hair. She immediately arched her back & pelvis, bringing more of her juice into my mouth.

Soon after, she pushed me onto my bed, and straddled over me. Positioning herself over me, she then allowed my dick to push through her vaginal walls. My dickhead was engulfed with her juices. Squishing noises were evident as she rode me enjoyingly.

I got up, grabbed her by her shoulders and swung her onto the bed. She clung onto my neck as we humped in the missionary position with her getting wetter & wetter.

We were perspiring and just when I thought I've surmounted her, she pushed me onto the bed again! Once again, she rode on me with my hands fondling her breasts & stroking her nipples.

She came within seconds later, flinging herself onto me, panting on my chest. It was apparent that she was deeply satisfied.


I was dominated.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sharp Tongue

I was reading this article on how to give fantastic blowjobs & cunnilingus when I recalled two incidents.

The first one was an encounter with a female friend of mine. It was the first time I experience a blowjob. *Grins* And it was definitely mind-blowing for a first-timer like me. We were chatting in one of the Singaporean parks when I finally coaxed her into petting. (She was horny anyway.)

It was quite obvious that there were lotsa kissing, fondling, stroking & fingering. I wanted to let my dick explore the insides of her pussy when I felt a cold quiver down my spine.

Well, I was afriad of getting caught though I've escaped unscarred before.

So, I grabbed the opportunity and requested for a blowjob. And she agreed!

I undid my pants and lowered my boxers, unveiling my erected dick. She bent over and wrapped her lips around my dickhead. I loved it immediately! It was unfortunate that she wasn't an expert because she didn't taste my balls. She focused on my shaft instead.

My, it was really hot within. The walls of her mouth were similar to the walls of a pussy. She sucked my dick like how a pussy contracts & squeezes. It was pretty sensational for a newbie.

It didn't take too long for me to unload myself into her throat. "Sweet", was her final comment. *Smiles*

Now for the second incident. It was an encounter with my ex-girlfriend. This time, it's cunnilingus. And yes, you've guessed it. It's my first time licking a pussy.

I've had sex with my ex-girlfriend on a number of occasions before and she has always complained that I'm unproficient in foreplay. So, I read a couple of men's magazine to hone my skills. And it's time to put them to the test.

We were fondling and kissing as usual when I started to kiss her thighs. A little surprised at first, she quickly got into the mood. My tongue went dangerously close to her pussy, and then I glided away teasingly. She kept on shifting her hips to get her pussy into my mouth but I didn't give her what she wanted.

After a short while, just when my ex-girlfriend was already panting impatiently, I gave her a sensuous stroke on the lips of her pussy with my tongue. She let out a loud approving moan. More of those moans became audible when I explored the insides of her pussy while my lips rubbed against her clit.

I proceeded to suck her clit gently and fingered her at the same time. My ex-girlfriend? She was already screaming for my entry. She wanted to feel my dick badly.

This time, I granted her wish. You readers should know the rest of the story. It all ended with a couple of steamed bodies & a sticky mess within my bedsheets.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Battle Of The Sexes

I was reading an interesting blog entry about how blind men has become.

It spoke about how men can get all excited over magazine models when the ladies just don't get it. Men naturally have tunnel visions, in addition to their horny nature, they can only narrow in on the boobs & butts. On the other hand, the women will usually be caught swearing over the poor make-up, the disastrous hair-styles & the out-of-proportion thighs (Or breasts).

This is very true in Singapore though. Sigh.

When men think with their "small" heads, they can't think with the real big one. Why does a man's penis have a hole in it? So he can get oxygen to his brain. H-a-h-a-h-a.

Well, amongst all the wars both created & ceased by mankind, the battle of the sexes still exists.

Men dominate TV remote controls & flick through the channels; women don't mind watching the commercials. Under pressure, men drink alcohol & invade other countries; women eat chocolate & go shopping.

Women criticise men for being insensitive, uncaring, not listening, not giving enough love & wanting to have sex rather than make love. Men criticise women about their driving, for turning maps upside down, for their lack of a sense of direction, for talking too much & for not initiating sex often enough.

Men are amazed how a woman can't see a red flashing oil light on the car dashboard but spot a used condom in a dark corner 50 metres away. Women are bewildered by men who can consistently parallel park a car in a tight spot using a rear-view mirror, but can never find the G-spot.

The list goes on. The only solution to end this fight is by understanding our differences and start building on our collective strengths - rather than on our individual weaknesses.

Personally, I have this gut feeling that this solution will never take place.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Office Politics

I was in office this morning to clear some work and as usual, I skived. Since I've already tendered my resignation and got prepared to move onto another organisation, I decided to get bold and surf some porn instead.

So as I was getting horny, I had this sudden thought. Many have claimed that the office is not all about staplers and Web-surfing. There are actually events happening under the desks. Secretaries giving blow-jobs to their Directors. Colleagues making out in the pantries. They might be having quickies in the restrooms too. Some of the guys I know even boasted that they've conquered some of their female colleagues in their office!

Sadly, none of that has happened to me.

For those who were lucky enough to stain the paperwork behind closed doors, do you mind sharing your experiences?

At the meantime, I'll search for a similar rollick..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Public Display Of Affection

Recently, I recalled this news about this NS guy who had sex with this 14 year-old girl. Both were caught red-handed at the staircase of a shopping mall in town by a security guard.

I remembered hearing this news on the radio in the year 2000. I wasn't armed with such a high libido then, and believed that sex can only be kept indoors. Naturally, I was appalled that this NS guy really got the balls to romp in public.

Well, being a pure Sagittarian, I'm was very enthusiastic and curious about the idea of having sex in public. Although I found the aforementioned news astounding, I wanted very much to try it.

My chance came a couple of months later when I met up with this Net friend of mine. She was a bubbly and fun-loving 18 year-old who was constantly sexually wet. But we never got physical though. One bad point about her is that she always borrowed money from me and never returned them. So I decided to be the jerk to take advantage of her.

She came to me one night and asked for some cash. As usual. So I said OK and met up with her at a void deck near to where she lived. I didn't give her the money immediately, and gave an excuse to have a chat at the staircase. (But I think she knew what's on my mind though. Open-minded girls tend to be sexually smart.)

So while chatting, I made use of every opportunity to touch her - Her hair, hands, and even her thighs - just to warm things up. She, too, stroked my thighs and played with my ears. Soon after, I felt that there's enough teasing and I tickled her. She was laughing and tried to push my hands away, but I just went on playing with her and got her to lie on the ground.

We both looked at each other in the eyes and knew immediately what was to happen next. There were a lot of kissing and fondling. Our body temperatures rose as we got physically close. And we were very excited even though it was a very uncomfortable venue to have sex. Plus we have to do it real soft and quick.

But I decided to take the risk. *Grins* Pulling up her T-shirt, I removed her bra and started to lick her breasts slowly. She quickly shifted her nipple into my mouth, indicating a strong desire for them to be sucked. I wrapped my lips around her nipple and sucked it like I'll never let go. She reacted quite strongly by tugging onto my hair, which made me sucked harder. She got wetter when I played with her other nipple with my fingers.

She moaned louder as I glided my tongue across her tummy. I must count myself lucky that night as she was wearing a skirt, instead of jeans. Her panties came off easily, and I didn't waste too much time contemplating my next step. Soon, my tongue was slurping around her pussy with her standing on the steps of the staircase. She didn't withhold the flow of her juices though.

After a few minutes, she motioned me to lie down, and pulled off my pants. She took off my boxers at the same time and unveiled my manhood. It was quite apparent that she can't bear all the foreplay anymore when she quickly positioned herself above me. And within seconds, my dick was in her pussy. She began riding me very quickly. And I really mean very quicky. She was panting and tried to stay as quiet as possible. But of course she let out a few soft moans from time to time.

And me? I was squeezing her breasts and proceeded to grab her butts to control her speed. I wanted to sit up to kiss her neck, but she kept me down. You readers should know what's the result.

I squirted my whitish liquid into her with her lying on top of me. It was a raw battle without any plastic involved. And I must really thank the gods that her period has just ended the day before*. So there wasn't any pregnancy scare. (Many will think that I'm such an irresponsible bastard by now. "No condoms? You want the girl to conceive unnecessarily, is it?" Yes. I'm wrong. Forgive me please.)

It was a breath-taking experience, and I believe anyone living in this era would have gotten a taste of it already.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Internet Bubble

I was sharing some sexual experiences with a close Net friend this evening, and I have this sudden urge to share this encounter with you readers out there.

I had this other close Net friend a couple of years back. As mentioned, we met on the Net. The IRC, to be precise. As usual, we chatted about the normal stuffs initially. Then it got more personal and detailed. (This always happens if two open-minded people of the opposite gender chat online) We exchanged our preferences, eg. parts of the body which are sexually sensitive, places where sex happened, our first-times. We even teased each other on the phone. (There was no phone sex though)

Then we decided to meet up. I was getting prepared for what is gonna happen later in the evening already. *Grins* And I thought she knew.

She was quite a beauty, I must say. (Other guys might think otherwise) We caught a movie. Grabbed some bites. Generally, we enjoyed each other's company. Then it was time to put the plan into action. We went to chat at a staircase landing in an anonymous shopping mall.

Seconds later, we were kissing already. Then all the stroking began. Necking came next. My Net friend started to pant from all the tongue-locking. I reached inside her shirt and stroked her breasts. Suddenly, she stopped and unbuckled her bra. She wants more, and she was moaning softly when I started to stroke the area around her nipples.

"I'm getting wet.." I immediately understood what she meant and tasted her nipples. There were more moaning. More caressing. She stood up and took off her jeans, revealing her black panties.

The whole experience was getting very exciting. We're making out in the public. And we have to do it quick! Now I understand the phrase - So many things to do. So little time. So, we skipped licking the clit. There was still fingering. But it was quite easy as she's already dripping wet.

The long-awaited moment was dawning upon me when she made a very unwelcomed decision.

"I'm not prepared for this" At that point, I've forgottened the meaning of the word Patience. But I still recognise the word Respect. So, I grabbed her by her waist and fingered her at full speed while standing behind her. She lost control of herself and moaned at the top of her voice. At the same time, she reached behind and grabbed my dick. There were a lot of fingering and masturbating.

The result was that we both came. Cum and juices were mixing in everywhere except for her pussy. It was quite satisfying though. But I was equally disappointed.

Like what I've said - I was getting prepared for what is gonna happen. But she wasn't.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Look At The Mess

We're living in this era where everyone, except for the older generations, is open to sex. Making out and beastly humping in the public is common. Everyone of all ages (including those as young as 12) has tried almost everything physically, orally and anally. When guys gather to exchange their sexual experiences, many will boast how skilful they were in bringing their bedding victims to the heavens. In fact, most guys (especially the younger ones) are impatient, impulsive, lousy and selfish during sex. Only a handful really respects the lady and always makes sure that she gets all the attention from his fingers and tongue. On the other hand, many girls with high sex drives tend to portray an innocent image until someone comes along and releases the devil in them by pushing the right buttons.

I have an experience where I was so clumsy and took a helluva time to figure out where the buttons really were.

It was about 5 years ago where I had my first girlfriend. We were both virgins then, but were very curious 'bout how each other's reproductive organs look like. We had always engaged in heavy petting but there wasn't a single session of sex.

Finally, one day, in my bedroom, we decided to try it. We tried to explore each other but all she knew was to stroke my dick with her hands. And all I knew was to fondle her breasts, lick her nipples (for a short while) and finger her (for a short while too).

Yes. I know many will be shaking their heads once they read 'til this point. But that was true. I wasn't an expert. After fingering my girlfriend for a couple of minutes, I'm already positioning myself. And I was in before she knew it.

I really regretted not considering that she's a virgin. She was mildly happy for a while and then wham! Pain all over. And I was still humping her like any other horny bunny. I came within a short while too. Much to her disappointment.

It took me a few months later to realise that there's something called foreplay, and it's supposed to last at least 20 minutes. Breasts and the pussy are not the only focal points during those moments. Well, I've learned quite a lot since then.

Remember. If you can make your woman enjoy 100% during foreplay and sex, you'll be enjoying 10 times as much.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Everything Has Its First

Hi people! Well, it's been some time since everyone started to write their own blogs. Many spoke 'bout their private lives here. Be it 'bout their work, schools, families, boyfriends, girlfriends or even their sex lives, it's been so entertaining.

So, I've decided to join in the fun. And no. I'm not gonna reveal my sexual escapades just yet. Just a little trailer to tease you readers.

I was bored. And you do know guys think 'bout sex every single minute. A scene from a porn movie or a picture of a nude lady pops up from time to time as the clock tick by. You know what I mean. So, here's a bit of paper foreplay to satisfy those hungry souls out there.

"I can already imagine myself savoring your sensuous bod. Locking my tongue with yours as I caress your back. I'll unhook your bra gently, letting it slide off your breasts. With the tip of my tongue, I'll love to stroke your nipples til they turn hard. Then I'll suck them as I squeeze your breasts softly. After tasting your cleavage, I'll return to neck you, kissing your shoulders along the way."

"I'll never miss your tummy. Breathing onto every single patch of your skin brings you to a new sexual level. I'll kiss your thighs, then your inner thighs. As I caress your butts, I'll touch your outer lip of the pussy with my tongue. Then I'll proceed to lick the area around your clit until you're quite moist. Finally I'll wrap my lips around your red and swollen clit, and suck gently."

"Next, I'll slide my tongue into your pussy and let your juice trickle down my throat. All these while I finger you. The more you yearn, the faster I'll wriggle my fingers in and out of your pussy."

"Now you're in the heat and ready. Positioning myself above you, I'll gently enter you. Slowly at first, but faster after a few pushes. And deeper. Harder. Some repositioning might be needed. Of course you'll be moaning. Maybe even screaming. I really wish we can reach climax at the same time. Mixing juices with cum. Experiencing orgasmic ripple through our bods."