Tuesday, October 18, 2005



What will u do if I lock your tongue with mine while I caress your bare waist? Will u back away if I neck u while I stroke your arms and back? Will u squirm if I lick your nipples, occasionally sucking them? Will u moan while I kiss your thighs slowly, letting them part on their own, making your juice flow? Will u yearn for more if I lap your pussy with long strokes, then lick your clit til u're ever-wet? How about if I slide it gently into u and rock u throughout the night? Will u ask me to stop if I suck your clit again til u reach your climax? Will u kiss me all over after the heat is over?

Just think about it.."

This was originally written by yours truly.

But I guess there are guys out there who are supporters of plagarism.

Or maybe their own Friendster testimonials are too short to be true.

"Oh.. I wanna suck your breasts.. Pinch your nipples.. Finger-f*** u! I wanna f*** u all night!"


"Can I meet u? Then we can have all kinds of fun we want! I want u to taste my cum! Oh yeah!"

I bet these sentences do not score among the girls who are daring enough to go into details of their sex lives.

Where is all the foreplay? And no respect for the ladies? That's a big no-no! Do you male despos out there know that in order to enjoy sex, you have to let your girls enjoy foreplay first?

C'mon! Stop plagiarising! You don't jump onto my bandwagon like that.

I shall keep this entry short. Good night & sleep tight, ladies! (Oh ya. I've specially reserved goodnight kisses to Hazel & Xi Shi)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the goodnite kiss.. keke