Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something About The Ladies

Recently, I came to realize that the ladies I knew can have their most charming (sexy, even) moments when you least expect it. I've drawn up a list of those moments, but it's not an exhaustive one.

Moment no. 5. When she passes a witty remark. It'll knock you over, especially when you thought you've always been the funny one. You'll remain in awe while she continues to grin. She knew she has just wowed you, yet she's keeping quiet. The deafening split-second silence will inevitably blow you away.

Moment no. 4. When she laughs at your jokes. My jokes, actually. Her laughter will encourage you to sit closer to her. And when she just finished laughing, look into her eyes and smile. She'll blush and damn, she'll look so beautiful.

Moment no. 3. When she just finished working out. Her skin will glisten with her perspiration. It's especially sexy if you've just worked out with her. Both of you will be panting to each other's rhythm. You did not just had sex, yet she'll have this uncanny afterglow.

Moment no. 2. When she just finished showering. She may be wrapped in a towel. She may be wearing only your t-shirt. She may even be naked. Whichever the case, she'll smell her best. Her hair will rest softly across her shoulders and on her bosoms. (If she has long hair, that is.) Resist that urge to jump her. (Unless she jumps you.)

And finally, moment no.1. The second after she climaxed, especially when she just made love, not fucked. She will be trying to catch her breath, her cheeks and chest flushed. Take your time to cuddle with her. Look at how she strokes your chest while she heaves with joy. You'll realize you're in bed with an angel. (Or devil, depending on how wild you've both become.)