Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mother Nature

Firstly, I'll like to apologize for keeping everyone waiting, especially HB & Casanova. HB, here's a kiss for you. Haha! Well, Casanova. I guess a simple 'sorry' will do or else you'll suffer from erectile dysfunction for months.

I've always strayed on the topic of PDA (ie. Public Display of Affection) and realised that I've only touched on the staircase - be it the shopping mall or any random HDB block. And that's the most uncomfortable place to have sex in!

Many would say that the most comfortable spot for PDA is in a car. The larger the vehicle, the better. Well, I don't own one. That is why I prefer the park. With all that greenery and fresh air, who could resist?

I can clearly remember that date with my then-girlfriend. We were strolling in this particular park, enjoying the breeze and privacy. Minutes went by and we were already kissing on a bench. My hands waltzed into her blouse, stroking her back admist all the passion. Hers went to cosset my thighs.

I was necking her when she can't help but to massage my groin area. I unhooked her bra and lifted her top. My, her breasts looked so sexy under the moonlight. "Darl, I think someone is coming. They might.. Gasp!" She was abruptly interrupted as my tongue swirled around her nipples.

Yeap. Someone will come later that night.

I wasted no time and deluged one of her love cherries while cupping the underside of her other breast. "Darl.. Gasp.. What if.. Walks by.." She pleaded through her teeth. "Gasp.. Walks.. By.. Calls the.. Police.. Wake the n-neigh.. Ooh.."

"Just enjoy this moment, baby." My fingers sneaked into her g-string and explored her most intimate area. Yes, it was wet already. Her hands roamed around my groin area for awhile before she undid my pants and reached into my boxers impatiently. I stripped her of her last defence and slither along her thighs before sliding my fingers into her. She let out a moan, then more moans as she groped for my manhood.

My dick was urging me to plunge it into that most forbiddened spot but I thwarted that idea as I put my girl into the most awkward position of her life. With one leg hanging over the back of the bench and the other straightened over the seat, I bent over and savoured her pussy. She mumbled and heaved while she rustled my hair, puling my head nearer to her. The distance between her thighs shortened. She bucked whenever I licked her clit.

Soon, I got up, carried her, and laid her down on the grass behind a tree. My pants came off. Boxers too. I wanna do this fast. It's still a public area after all.

I mounted her. Missionary style. She tried so hard to keep her voice down as I glided in and out of her. It felt warmer below our waists as I humped her. Her pussy suckled on my dick as if it was one helluva blowjob.

Soon after, her thighs grew taut and it all ended with me unloading onto the ground.

Sex, like Mother Nature, can be destructive and reproductive at the same time. I only see the thrill in it.