Friday, October 26, 2007


Update: I didn't go to Dragonfly on Friday.

Met up with a bunch of colleagues (read: not-so-close colleagues) and had dinner in Marché at Vivocity.

I can already hear you sigh with boredom.

Well, these colleagues turned out to be a wild bunch. We ended up in Starbucks and crapped til midnight.

Yes, there was no steamy sex that night. But I made a few good friends.

Not too bad a night after all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Will be dropping by Dragonfly this Friday. Catch me if you can.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Painting The Town

In case you were kept in the dark, I was on a trip in Taiwan last week. And no, this should be a short, non-sexual entry.

Well, despite being there for the second time, Taiwan still took my breath away. I basically drooled over 2 things over there - the food & the girls. The former tasted delicious and the latter looked delicious.

You may have read somewhere that the Taiwanese government is pretty screwed-up with its politicians spending most of the time backstabbing each other when they can actually sit together and plan how to make lives better.

To my surprise, even though I presumed that an economic dark cloud constantly looms over the country, I see smiles everywhere I go in Taiwan, unlike in Singapore, where at least one citizen frowns (or sulks) every minute of the day, even in his/her dreams.

The Taiwanese are quite open-minded too (if I hadn't mentioned this already). And they are less stuck up, whether or not they are in 西门町, 五份埔, 士林, 通化, 乌来, 新店, 淡水, 指南宫, 野柳, 饶河 or 基隆.

Damn. I missed Taiwan.