Friday, October 28, 2005

Taking A Moment

I'll like to take a moment & observe a minute of silence for Hazel.

No. She isn't dead.

But her blog is.

Hazel was a victim of public fuss & finger-pointing. Yet she was brave to stand up against myopic & narrow-minded individuals. And not forgetting the media which was so ruthless to dig up juicy stories.

Therefore, I shall commend Hazel for being daring - both sexually & intellectually.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I was walking towards the MRT station in the evening today when I was welcomed by a rousing sight.

Picture this.

You just knocked off. Feeling dead tired, you dragged your lifeless body towards the nearest train station. And then you see a couple of teenagers making out beside it.


Nonchalant to how daring youngsters are these days, I was actually attracted to how the couple made out.

A short intro of the couple: Secondary school students. 15-16 years of age (the guy was in long pants). Very horny.

I was taking my time to stroll towards the train station whilst the guy neck his girl. Being young & restless, I bet the both of them became impatient very quickly. Within seconds, the guy has already unbuttoned the girl's blouse.

He didn't even take the time to unhook her bra.

Pulling up the bra like a T-shirt, the guy squeezed his girl's breasts as he continued to kiss her passionately. Then, he proceeded hastily to taste the girl's bosoms.

I guess the girl was really enjoying herself, judging from how desperately she undid her guy's pants, reached into his briefs & played with his dick. All these happened as the guy swirled his tongue around his girl's nipples.

The guy's hands weren't doing nothing though. One of them grabbed the girl's waist while the other disappeared under her skirt.

From where I was standing, their moans were audible. That was also when I hastened my trip towards the train station.

I did not want to be seen with my dick tenting through my business pants.

Conclusion? That was one helluva 2-minute presentation. I've made out & had sex in every possible location - my own bedroom, my kitchen, my living room, staircase landings, parks, restrooms. I haven't tried budget hotels, swimming pools, beaches, chalets, schools & offices though. I even had a female friend who has had sex on a bus before.

And now I've witnessed the MRT display.

What's next?

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Big Hooha

Now they are banning people who share their sexual escapades.

That's just great. Or should I say, "Wah lao eh!"

Chewing gum banned? No comments. There're still Ricola & Mentos.
Cigarettes banned? No comments. I'm not a smoker though.

But banning blogged sex experience? I guess they just went a little too far.

C'mon! Sex is not a taboo in this era anymore! For those who still feel uneasy reading or talking about sex, hey. This is the year 2005. You're in the 21st century. We're in the new millenium.

This is not 1985 or 1995 when youngsters still giggle at pictures of boobs & dicks. People don't blush at the sight of condoms anymore. Not to even mention a sex toy.

And they're treating this more seriously than the flu pandemic. Sigh.

Everyone is having sex already - be it orally, anally or normally. We are trying to learn how to enjoy sex to its fullest. But being labelled as a bad influence? I think not.

I have a suggestion. Since more & more teenagers & young adults are having sex already, why still focus on preventing pre-marital sex? We could do a little bit more on having safe sex.

Give us a break!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005



What will u do if I lock your tongue with mine while I caress your bare waist? Will u back away if I neck u while I stroke your arms and back? Will u squirm if I lick your nipples, occasionally sucking them? Will u moan while I kiss your thighs slowly, letting them part on their own, making your juice flow? Will u yearn for more if I lap your pussy with long strokes, then lick your clit til u're ever-wet? How about if I slide it gently into u and rock u throughout the night? Will u ask me to stop if I suck your clit again til u reach your climax? Will u kiss me all over after the heat is over?

Just think about it.."

This was originally written by yours truly.

But I guess there are guys out there who are supporters of plagarism.

Or maybe their own Friendster testimonials are too short to be true.

"Oh.. I wanna suck your breasts.. Pinch your nipples.. Finger-f*** u! I wanna f*** u all night!"


"Can I meet u? Then we can have all kinds of fun we want! I want u to taste my cum! Oh yeah!"

I bet these sentences do not score among the girls who are daring enough to go into details of their sex lives.

Where is all the foreplay? And no respect for the ladies? That's a big no-no! Do you male despos out there know that in order to enjoy sex, you have to let your girls enjoy foreplay first?

C'mon! Stop plagiarising! You don't jump onto my bandwagon like that.

I shall keep this entry short. Good night & sleep tight, ladies! (Oh ya. I've specially reserved goodnight kisses to Hazel & Xi Shi)