Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I was walking towards the MRT station in the evening today when I was welcomed by a rousing sight.

Picture this.

You just knocked off. Feeling dead tired, you dragged your lifeless body towards the nearest train station. And then you see a couple of teenagers making out beside it.


Nonchalant to how daring youngsters are these days, I was actually attracted to how the couple made out.

A short intro of the couple: Secondary school students. 15-16 years of age (the guy was in long pants). Very horny.

I was taking my time to stroll towards the train station whilst the guy neck his girl. Being young & restless, I bet the both of them became impatient very quickly. Within seconds, the guy has already unbuttoned the girl's blouse.

He didn't even take the time to unhook her bra.

Pulling up the bra like a T-shirt, the guy squeezed his girl's breasts as he continued to kiss her passionately. Then, he proceeded hastily to taste the girl's bosoms.

I guess the girl was really enjoying herself, judging from how desperately she undid her guy's pants, reached into his briefs & played with his dick. All these happened as the guy swirled his tongue around his girl's nipples.

The guy's hands weren't doing nothing though. One of them grabbed the girl's waist while the other disappeared under her skirt.

From where I was standing, their moans were audible. That was also when I hastened my trip towards the train station.

I did not want to be seen with my dick tenting through my business pants.

Conclusion? That was one helluva 2-minute presentation. I've made out & had sex in every possible location - my own bedroom, my kitchen, my living room, staircase landings, parks, restrooms. I haven't tried budget hotels, swimming pools, beaches, chalets, schools & offices though. I even had a female friend who has had sex on a bus before.

And now I've witnessed the MRT display.

What's next?

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