Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Big Hooha

Now they are banning people who share their sexual escapades.

That's just great. Or should I say, "Wah lao eh!"

Chewing gum banned? No comments. There're still Ricola & Mentos.
Cigarettes banned? No comments. I'm not a smoker though.

But banning blogged sex experience? I guess they just went a little too far.

C'mon! Sex is not a taboo in this era anymore! For those who still feel uneasy reading or talking about sex, hey. This is the year 2005. You're in the 21st century. We're in the new millenium.

This is not 1985 or 1995 when youngsters still giggle at pictures of boobs & dicks. People don't blush at the sight of condoms anymore. Not to even mention a sex toy.

And they're treating this more seriously than the flu pandemic. Sigh.

Everyone is having sex already - be it orally, anally or normally. We are trying to learn how to enjoy sex to its fullest. But being labelled as a bad influence? I think not.

I have a suggestion. Since more & more teenagers & young adults are having sex already, why still focus on preventing pre-marital sex? We could do a little bit more on having safe sex.

Give us a break!


Dear Lady said...

totally agree with u jack. There's nothing wrong sharing our experiences here! Those who like to read are welcome to do so and those who don't just Fxxx off!

Curious Blogger said...

Jack, i dont think gov. will step into all sex blogger, unless someone make a complaint.