Saturday, August 27, 2005

Office Politics

I was in office this morning to clear some work and as usual, I skived. Since I've already tendered my resignation and got prepared to move onto another organisation, I decided to get bold and surf some porn instead.

So as I was getting horny, I had this sudden thought. Many have claimed that the office is not all about staplers and Web-surfing. There are actually events happening under the desks. Secretaries giving blow-jobs to their Directors. Colleagues making out in the pantries. They might be having quickies in the restrooms too. Some of the guys I know even boasted that they've conquered some of their female colleagues in their office!

Sadly, none of that has happened to me.

For those who were lucky enough to stain the paperwork behind closed doors, do you mind sharing your experiences?

At the meantime, I'll search for a similar rollick..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Public Display Of Affection

Recently, I recalled this news about this NS guy who had sex with this 14 year-old girl. Both were caught red-handed at the staircase of a shopping mall in town by a security guard.

I remembered hearing this news on the radio in the year 2000. I wasn't armed with such a high libido then, and believed that sex can only be kept indoors. Naturally, I was appalled that this NS guy really got the balls to romp in public.

Well, being a pure Sagittarian, I'm was very enthusiastic and curious about the idea of having sex in public. Although I found the aforementioned news astounding, I wanted very much to try it.

My chance came a couple of months later when I met up with this Net friend of mine. She was a bubbly and fun-loving 18 year-old who was constantly sexually wet. But we never got physical though. One bad point about her is that she always borrowed money from me and never returned them. So I decided to be the jerk to take advantage of her.

She came to me one night and asked for some cash. As usual. So I said OK and met up with her at a void deck near to where she lived. I didn't give her the money immediately, and gave an excuse to have a chat at the staircase. (But I think she knew what's on my mind though. Open-minded girls tend to be sexually smart.)

So while chatting, I made use of every opportunity to touch her - Her hair, hands, and even her thighs - just to warm things up. She, too, stroked my thighs and played with my ears. Soon after, I felt that there's enough teasing and I tickled her. She was laughing and tried to push my hands away, but I just went on playing with her and got her to lie on the ground.

We both looked at each other in the eyes and knew immediately what was to happen next. There were a lot of kissing and fondling. Our body temperatures rose as we got physically close. And we were very excited even though it was a very uncomfortable venue to have sex. Plus we have to do it real soft and quick.

But I decided to take the risk. *Grins* Pulling up her T-shirt, I removed her bra and started to lick her breasts slowly. She quickly shifted her nipple into my mouth, indicating a strong desire for them to be sucked. I wrapped my lips around her nipple and sucked it like I'll never let go. She reacted quite strongly by tugging onto my hair, which made me sucked harder. She got wetter when I played with her other nipple with my fingers.

She moaned louder as I glided my tongue across her tummy. I must count myself lucky that night as she was wearing a skirt, instead of jeans. Her panties came off easily, and I didn't waste too much time contemplating my next step. Soon, my tongue was slurping around her pussy with her standing on the steps of the staircase. She didn't withhold the flow of her juices though.

After a few minutes, she motioned me to lie down, and pulled off my pants. She took off my boxers at the same time and unveiled my manhood. It was quite apparent that she can't bear all the foreplay anymore when she quickly positioned herself above me. And within seconds, my dick was in her pussy. She began riding me very quickly. And I really mean very quicky. She was panting and tried to stay as quiet as possible. But of course she let out a few soft moans from time to time.

And me? I was squeezing her breasts and proceeded to grab her butts to control her speed. I wanted to sit up to kiss her neck, but she kept me down. You readers should know what's the result.

I squirted my whitish liquid into her with her lying on top of me. It was a raw battle without any plastic involved. And I must really thank the gods that her period has just ended the day before*. So there wasn't any pregnancy scare. (Many will think that I'm such an irresponsible bastard by now. "No condoms? You want the girl to conceive unnecessarily, is it?" Yes. I'm wrong. Forgive me please.)

It was a breath-taking experience, and I believe anyone living in this era would have gotten a taste of it already.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Internet Bubble

I was sharing some sexual experiences with a close Net friend this evening, and I have this sudden urge to share this encounter with you readers out there.

I had this other close Net friend a couple of years back. As mentioned, we met on the Net. The IRC, to be precise. As usual, we chatted about the normal stuffs initially. Then it got more personal and detailed. (This always happens if two open-minded people of the opposite gender chat online) We exchanged our preferences, eg. parts of the body which are sexually sensitive, places where sex happened, our first-times. We even teased each other on the phone. (There was no phone sex though)

Then we decided to meet up. I was getting prepared for what is gonna happen later in the evening already. *Grins* And I thought she knew.

She was quite a beauty, I must say. (Other guys might think otherwise) We caught a movie. Grabbed some bites. Generally, we enjoyed each other's company. Then it was time to put the plan into action. We went to chat at a staircase landing in an anonymous shopping mall.

Seconds later, we were kissing already. Then all the stroking began. Necking came next. My Net friend started to pant from all the tongue-locking. I reached inside her shirt and stroked her breasts. Suddenly, she stopped and unbuckled her bra. She wants more, and she was moaning softly when I started to stroke the area around her nipples.

"I'm getting wet.." I immediately understood what she meant and tasted her nipples. There were more moaning. More caressing. She stood up and took off her jeans, revealing her black panties.

The whole experience was getting very exciting. We're making out in the public. And we have to do it quick! Now I understand the phrase - So many things to do. So little time. So, we skipped licking the clit. There was still fingering. But it was quite easy as she's already dripping wet.

The long-awaited moment was dawning upon me when she made a very unwelcomed decision.

"I'm not prepared for this" At that point, I've forgottened the meaning of the word Patience. But I still recognise the word Respect. So, I grabbed her by her waist and fingered her at full speed while standing behind her. She lost control of herself and moaned at the top of her voice. At the same time, she reached behind and grabbed my dick. There were a lot of fingering and masturbating.

The result was that we both came. Cum and juices were mixing in everywhere except for her pussy. It was quite satisfying though. But I was equally disappointed.

Like what I've said - I was getting prepared for what is gonna happen. But she wasn't.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Look At The Mess

We're living in this era where everyone, except for the older generations, is open to sex. Making out and beastly humping in the public is common. Everyone of all ages (including those as young as 12) has tried almost everything physically, orally and anally. When guys gather to exchange their sexual experiences, many will boast how skilful they were in bringing their bedding victims to the heavens. In fact, most guys (especially the younger ones) are impatient, impulsive, lousy and selfish during sex. Only a handful really respects the lady and always makes sure that she gets all the attention from his fingers and tongue. On the other hand, many girls with high sex drives tend to portray an innocent image until someone comes along and releases the devil in them by pushing the right buttons.

I have an experience where I was so clumsy and took a helluva time to figure out where the buttons really were.

It was about 5 years ago where I had my first girlfriend. We were both virgins then, but were very curious 'bout how each other's reproductive organs look like. We had always engaged in heavy petting but there wasn't a single session of sex.

Finally, one day, in my bedroom, we decided to try it. We tried to explore each other but all she knew was to stroke my dick with her hands. And all I knew was to fondle her breasts, lick her nipples (for a short while) and finger her (for a short while too).

Yes. I know many will be shaking their heads once they read 'til this point. But that was true. I wasn't an expert. After fingering my girlfriend for a couple of minutes, I'm already positioning myself. And I was in before she knew it.

I really regretted not considering that she's a virgin. She was mildly happy for a while and then wham! Pain all over. And I was still humping her like any other horny bunny. I came within a short while too. Much to her disappointment.

It took me a few months later to realise that there's something called foreplay, and it's supposed to last at least 20 minutes. Breasts and the pussy are not the only focal points during those moments. Well, I've learned quite a lot since then.

Remember. If you can make your woman enjoy 100% during foreplay and sex, you'll be enjoying 10 times as much.

Ciao for now!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Everything Has Its First

Hi people! Well, it's been some time since everyone started to write their own blogs. Many spoke 'bout their private lives here. Be it 'bout their work, schools, families, boyfriends, girlfriends or even their sex lives, it's been so entertaining.

So, I've decided to join in the fun. And no. I'm not gonna reveal my sexual escapades just yet. Just a little trailer to tease you readers.

I was bored. And you do know guys think 'bout sex every single minute. A scene from a porn movie or a picture of a nude lady pops up from time to time as the clock tick by. You know what I mean. So, here's a bit of paper foreplay to satisfy those hungry souls out there.

"I can already imagine myself savoring your sensuous bod. Locking my tongue with yours as I caress your back. I'll unhook your bra gently, letting it slide off your breasts. With the tip of my tongue, I'll love to stroke your nipples til they turn hard. Then I'll suck them as I squeeze your breasts softly. After tasting your cleavage, I'll return to neck you, kissing your shoulders along the way."

"I'll never miss your tummy. Breathing onto every single patch of your skin brings you to a new sexual level. I'll kiss your thighs, then your inner thighs. As I caress your butts, I'll touch your outer lip of the pussy with my tongue. Then I'll proceed to lick the area around your clit until you're quite moist. Finally I'll wrap my lips around your red and swollen clit, and suck gently."

"Next, I'll slide my tongue into your pussy and let your juice trickle down my throat. All these while I finger you. The more you yearn, the faster I'll wriggle my fingers in and out of your pussy."

"Now you're in the heat and ready. Positioning myself above you, I'll gently enter you. Slowly at first, but faster after a few pushes. And deeper. Harder. Some repositioning might be needed. Of course you'll be moaning. Maybe even screaming. I really wish we can reach climax at the same time. Mixing juices with cum. Experiencing orgasmic ripple through our bods."