Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Everything Has Its First

Hi people! Well, it's been some time since everyone started to write their own blogs. Many spoke 'bout their private lives here. Be it 'bout their work, schools, families, boyfriends, girlfriends or even their sex lives, it's been so entertaining.

So, I've decided to join in the fun. And no. I'm not gonna reveal my sexual escapades just yet. Just a little trailer to tease you readers.

I was bored. And you do know guys think 'bout sex every single minute. A scene from a porn movie or a picture of a nude lady pops up from time to time as the clock tick by. You know what I mean. So, here's a bit of paper foreplay to satisfy those hungry souls out there.

"I can already imagine myself savoring your sensuous bod. Locking my tongue with yours as I caress your back. I'll unhook your bra gently, letting it slide off your breasts. With the tip of my tongue, I'll love to stroke your nipples til they turn hard. Then I'll suck them as I squeeze your breasts softly. After tasting your cleavage, I'll return to neck you, kissing your shoulders along the way."

"I'll never miss your tummy. Breathing onto every single patch of your skin brings you to a new sexual level. I'll kiss your thighs, then your inner thighs. As I caress your butts, I'll touch your outer lip of the pussy with my tongue. Then I'll proceed to lick the area around your clit until you're quite moist. Finally I'll wrap my lips around your red and swollen clit, and suck gently."

"Next, I'll slide my tongue into your pussy and let your juice trickle down my throat. All these while I finger you. The more you yearn, the faster I'll wriggle my fingers in and out of your pussy."

"Now you're in the heat and ready. Positioning myself above you, I'll gently enter you. Slowly at first, but faster after a few pushes. And deeper. Harder. Some repositioning might be needed. Of course you'll be moaning. Maybe even screaming. I really wish we can reach climax at the same time. Mixing juices with cum. Experiencing orgasmic ripple through our bods."


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Dear Lady said...

makes me feel like having sex with u after reading it.. ;) good job