Saturday, August 27, 2005

Office Politics

I was in office this morning to clear some work and as usual, I skived. Since I've already tendered my resignation and got prepared to move onto another organisation, I decided to get bold and surf some porn instead.

So as I was getting horny, I had this sudden thought. Many have claimed that the office is not all about staplers and Web-surfing. There are actually events happening under the desks. Secretaries giving blow-jobs to their Directors. Colleagues making out in the pantries. They might be having quickies in the restrooms too. Some of the guys I know even boasted that they've conquered some of their female colleagues in their office!

Sadly, none of that has happened to me.

For those who were lucky enough to stain the paperwork behind closed doors, do you mind sharing your experiences?

At the meantime, I'll search for a similar rollick..


hazel said...

same here, not much action in the office except some messagers gone notti --

Dear Lady said...

hi there.. read ur interesting post out there.. for me i did it in office few times... kinda thrilling... will share with u guys in my blog..
come take a look at mine post.. ;)