Sunday, August 07, 2005

Look At The Mess

We're living in this era where everyone, except for the older generations, is open to sex. Making out and beastly humping in the public is common. Everyone of all ages (including those as young as 12) has tried almost everything physically, orally and anally. When guys gather to exchange their sexual experiences, many will boast how skilful they were in bringing their bedding victims to the heavens. In fact, most guys (especially the younger ones) are impatient, impulsive, lousy and selfish during sex. Only a handful really respects the lady and always makes sure that she gets all the attention from his fingers and tongue. On the other hand, many girls with high sex drives tend to portray an innocent image until someone comes along and releases the devil in them by pushing the right buttons.

I have an experience where I was so clumsy and took a helluva time to figure out where the buttons really were.

It was about 5 years ago where I had my first girlfriend. We were both virgins then, but were very curious 'bout how each other's reproductive organs look like. We had always engaged in heavy petting but there wasn't a single session of sex.

Finally, one day, in my bedroom, we decided to try it. We tried to explore each other but all she knew was to stroke my dick with her hands. And all I knew was to fondle her breasts, lick her nipples (for a short while) and finger her (for a short while too).

Yes. I know many will be shaking their heads once they read 'til this point. But that was true. I wasn't an expert. After fingering my girlfriend for a couple of minutes, I'm already positioning myself. And I was in before she knew it.

I really regretted not considering that she's a virgin. She was mildly happy for a while and then wham! Pain all over. And I was still humping her like any other horny bunny. I came within a short while too. Much to her disappointment.

It took me a few months later to realise that there's something called foreplay, and it's supposed to last at least 20 minutes. Breasts and the pussy are not the only focal points during those moments. Well, I've learned quite a lot since then.

Remember. If you can make your woman enjoy 100% during foreplay and sex, you'll be enjoying 10 times as much.

Ciao for now!

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vanillacaramelfudge said...

most people's first times aren't perfect.

at least you eventually learnt that there's such a thing known as foreplay!