Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Spirit

My living room floor just flew apart. At least 10 tiles were broken.

And I smsed my colleagues, saying that I'll be on urgent leave on Boxing Day, as HDB officers will be here inspecting my apartment.

They replied, "Maybe Santa Claus was trying to crawl into your flat to give you your presents?"


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do You Think You Can Handle That?

Yeah, you with that
"I've got nearly enough on my plate
but I'd like a serving of you
dressed in nothing more than massage oil"
look in your eyes.

You know,
I'd just love to kiss you.
I've got this kissing urge that goes way beyond
lips and skin and saliva and tongue.
You know, that sort of kissing urge
that just leads on and on to
all senses tingling
and screaming
and begging for more.

Yeah, I'd love to kiss you
Full, firmly on the smacker
so that our breath mingles
and the sweet secretions of
our mouths, open to each other,
blend and brew.
I'd really like to kiss you - can you tell?

And then,
My hands as the servants of
an exploratory mind
would search your face, your head.
Phrenology a study that wants
examining further.

Your neck,
that smooth highway from your mind
to your physique
I would suckle and lick to find
Your pulse.
Your lifeblood.

I'd like to take the lobe of your ear
between my teeth
and tease your aural sensibilities
with the ramblings of my tongue.

I'd like to look deep down into your eyes
and open up your soul to
searing scrutiny.
I'd wrap my aura around yours
to form psychedelia.

I'd like to wrap my arms around
your shoulders
And hold your body from
clavicle to hip
Against the corresponding parts of me.
I'd like to feel the pressure of your
abs, pecs, thighs
As they fill and flow beneath
their smooth casing.
I'd like to watch them,
make them pumped
and play with them.

I'd like to use my nails against your back
and send morse messages
of lust and desire
through your spinal chord.
I'd follow each rib, each disc
serving as a sub-station
for my dictation.
I'd tattoo these thoughts and dreams
through to yours.

I'd like to massage your fantasies
into pliancy
and sculpt them into form.

I'd like to wrap your legs around
my legs around you
and pull you into me.
I'd like to make you climax so that
your brain loses all sense of
reality, time, rationalism and focus
and swells instead with a mantra
that means more.

I'd like to take you on that rollercoaster
where every loop is the crest of a breaking wave
that spirals down and around
and back until
ups and downs
seem no more like directions
but a never-ending montage.

I'd like to meld our bodies into one
joyous ball of energy
bouncing on the pleasurable see-saw
of ecstasy and bliss.

Do you think you can handle that?

Footnote: I extracted this from [censored]. Pretty cool, right?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Finger Food

It was 18 Nov 07, a Sunday afternoon.

We were frolicking on my bed. Earlier, I had called her, telling her I needed a fuck. She then teased, "I want fuck you slow and hard. Would you want me to do that?"

Naughty girl. Wait til we meet, I thought with an impish grin.

She giggled as I flicked my tongue around her nipples, but those giggles were reduced to light gasps as I brushed my fingers across her inner thighs.

I continued to caress her thighs playfully, with my fingers closing in on her pussy at times. Meantime, I grazed around her breasts and along her cleavage, not wanting to miss any patch of her skin. As I nibbled across her tummy, I sense her restlessness heightened with deep breaths.

"Stop playing, you devil," she cursed through her teeth.

She ruffled through my hair impetuously as I circled her pubic mound with my tongue.

"Who wants to get fucked slowly minutes ago?" I asked while breathing into her pussy. Her plaintive cry was her only reply.

Her moans become audible as I gave her long slow laps on her pussy. I looked up, and saw that she has swung her head back, attempting to enjoy the sizzles my tongue has splashed on her pussy. She looked up, wondering why I've stopped.

I surprised her by licking her pussy with fast strokes. "Oh! You, naughty boy!" she exclaimed, swinging her head back again.

It wasn't tough locating her clit. I have to hold on to her waist as she sqiurmed and hollered with joy when I sucked her swollen spot. With my lips still leashed onto her clit, I slid a finger in to explore her wetness.

She whined and sighed, squeezing my shoulders. It's as if she detests what I'm doing, yet she wants more. She got wetter as I slid my finger in and out, and she tried squeezing my finger with her pussy. It's just like the time when she tried milking my dick while she rode me.

It wasn't before long when she finally cried out with her hips raised, hovering above my bed. Limp with exhaustion, she slumped into my pillow, taking a breather while savoring the scorching climax.

I smiled and spread her legs, teasing her already-wet pussy with my dick.

"Ready for this?"

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Growing Hunger

She came over on Friday night, claiming that she's bored and needed some company. But it didn't take long to for her to reveal her M.O.

She's horny and needed satisfaction.

Soon, we were kissing senselessly on my bed. I took off her cotton jacket and unveiled her bosoms. "Let me," she whispered, as she removed her bra. We continued to kiss, though I was already all excited on the inside. I caressed her breast and stroked her already-hardened nipple.

I then gently sealed my lips around her nipple and sucked. My fingers weren't idle either, as I explored her wetness. She grinded her hips against my fingers as an indication of her growing hunger.

She nibbled my earlobe while my finger explored deeper. She gave me a naughty surprise when her tongue swam into my ear. No girls have done that to me before and it was a great turn-on for me.

I pulled off her denim skirt and without hesitation, her underwear too. I bent over and kissed her shaven pubic mound. Within seconds, I was eating her pussy. She was moaning with so much enjoyment, grabbing my head and pulling it closer to her moistened prize.

I, too, was getting impatient. I started to lick her clit and fingered her at the same time. She was turning and twirling on my bed, as if trying to escape from my slippery attacks. Then, her pussy suddenly contracted and she gave out a loud cry.

She laid on my bed, trying to savor the last drops of her orgasm. Suddenly, she sat up and smiled at me teasingly. She then held onto my hips and started to suck me.

I don't know how she did it, but she was really good. One moment, she'll be pulling my foreskin down while slurping my dick. Another moment, she'll be licking my dickhead while playing with my balls.

It was mind-blowing.

Then she laid back onto my bed and beckoned me to enter her with that lustful look.

I climbed onto her and entered. She hissed with delight. I wasted no time and went in fast as she moaned through her clenched teeth.

As we made love, she clunged onto me with her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my hips. Soon, I couldn't bear the sexual tension any longer and climaxed.

We cuddled and slept in each other's arms until the next morning, but deep inside I knew our hunger can never be satisfied.

Friday, October 26, 2007


Update: I didn't go to Dragonfly on Friday.

Met up with a bunch of colleagues (read: not-so-close colleagues) and had dinner in Marché at Vivocity.

I can already hear you sigh with boredom.

Well, these colleagues turned out to be a wild bunch. We ended up in Starbucks and crapped til midnight.

Yes, there was no steamy sex that night. But I made a few good friends.

Not too bad a night after all.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Friday Night Lights

Will be dropping by Dragonfly this Friday. Catch me if you can.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Painting The Town

In case you were kept in the dark, I was on a trip in Taiwan last week. And no, this should be a short, non-sexual entry.

Well, despite being there for the second time, Taiwan still took my breath away. I basically drooled over 2 things over there - the food & the girls. The former tasted delicious and the latter looked delicious.

You may have read somewhere that the Taiwanese government is pretty screwed-up with its politicians spending most of the time backstabbing each other when they can actually sit together and plan how to make lives better.

To my surprise, even though I presumed that an economic dark cloud constantly looms over the country, I see smiles everywhere I go in Taiwan, unlike in Singapore, where at least one citizen frowns (or sulks) every minute of the day, even in his/her dreams.

The Taiwanese are quite open-minded too (if I hadn't mentioned this already). And they are less stuck up, whether or not they are in 西门町, 五份埔, 士林, 通化, 乌来, 新店, 淡水, 指南宫, 野柳, 饶河 or 基隆.

Damn. I missed Taiwan.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


As much as we have enjoyed fucking each other for the first time, it was pretty awkward. After that fateful night, we stopped contacting each other.

Until a week ago.

After my caller ID screamed her name and her "I miss you. Can we meet?", we ended up at my place, drunk and horny. Our tongues locked while we tore at each other's clothes. She pressed herself against me every now and then, lusting after my bare skin, yet trapped in a silky dilemma. The sexual tension heightened as I unzipped her dress, brushing my fingers across her small back.

She kneaded my shoulders as I savored her neck. Soon, her bra floated onto the bedroom floor. I was still awed by the softness of her breasts though this was not my first time tasting them. I skimmed my lips over the top of her breasts, but she was already getting impatient. She repositioned herself so that her nipples met my mouth.

It was so exhilarating to feel her nipples harden inside my mouth. She gasped through her teeth as I sucked softly. We lurched towards my bed while her panties slided down her thighs and landed by her feet. She laid on my bed with me on top of her.

Our lips met again, but only momentarily. Then, she pushed my head towards her secret garden.

She was so wet.

A sigh signalling satisfaction can be heard as I ate her pussy. Soon, she was writhing her pussy around so that she can be relished in momentum with my hunger.

We couldn't bear this foreplay much longer. Soon, we fucked, reveling in what the night has prepared for us. She arched her back higher, delighting herself in my length and speed. She wanted more.

She pushed me onto my bed. Another sigh can be heard as she sank herself onto me slowly. Then she started to ride me while her moans become audible. She squirmed her pussy around my dick as she caressed my chest. She was breathless.

She started to pick up speed and we both could feel our orgasms nearing. Her climax came quickly as her thighs gripped tightly around my waist. I, too, could not hold on much longer and erupted.

"We should do this more often", I whispered, as we glistened in lust under the moonlight.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jack, Interrupted

Enough of the Dancing Queen.

Nope. Not that we're not having sex. And no, it's not getting dull. She's still as hot as ever.

It's just that something else came up - I ended up in bed with another girl.

Well, I met up with her yesterday night. She was attached when I knew her a couple of years ago, but she has been single since... (checks watch) 24 hours ago. She was still crying when she called me.

And so, there I was, sitting beside her on her couch, listening to her talk about her sweet memories with him. She looked so beautiful when she was in love.

Now, she's crushed.

I tried consoling her. "Hey. He left for another girl. That makes him a jerk. No use crying over a jerk" doesn't work. Neither does "You're still young. Your Mr Right is out there. So, no worries." I gave up and decided to just listen.

I guessed my presence helped in some way or another, 'cos she reduced to just sobbing some time later. I sat closer to her and caressed her back. She got comfortable and laid in my arms.

We were kissing frenziedly in no time.

Her breath quickened as I necked her. Soon, we were both topless, still tasting each other's bodies. Her moans become louder when my lips met her breasts for the first time. She pressed hard on me as I sucked her nipples.

Then, I began to go south, removing her skirt as I skimmed her tummy. I laid her onto the couch and tasted her thighs. Taking off her only defence between her pussy and my tongue, she beckoned me to eat her.

Without much hesitation, I flicked my tongue around her pussy, savoring every bit of it. I proceeded to lick her pleasure spot while I fingered her. She went from purring to whining.

Suddenly, she grabbed me by my arms and pushed me onto the couch. And what a view! I loved the way she blushed with her body glistening in pespiration.

I felt her weight on me and she slowly relished my dick. She wasted no time and started to ride. I could only grunt with delight as I fondled her breasts. She increased her speed and I was starting to become breathless. I grabbed her bum, trying to signal her to slow down.

She was either ignoring me, or she's just too engrossed with the whole motion. She did not stop.

I tried to take deep, steady breaths, but her delicious bod was right in front of me. The burning sensation down there did not help either. I could not help it but I emptied myself into her while I cried out with rejoice.

She didn't seemed to mind though. I caressed her back (again) as she laid on my chest, reduced to whimpers. With me still inside her.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Affairs Of The Heart

I tried giving this some thought and ended up sleeping less than 3 hours last night. (Some nights were better though.)

Everytime I see her, the more stupid I'd feel about my confession. It felt like shooting myself in the foot without calling in the paramedics. The most painful thing is that she shut me out of her life the moment I confessed - no more SMSes, emails, IMs --

And dates.

You told me to give her time to adjust as her current relationship with the other guy might not last long. But it really stings when I realised she'd rather maintain the other relationship effortlessly than to test out this little thing between us.

Yes, there were great memories, but they will remain as footnotes in her life.

So, now should be the best time for me to shutdown on her and please forgive me if I behave like a retard for the next few months.

Got this from a close friend though. Would like to share with all readers here. Personally, I find it heart-wrenching.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

In The Limelight

It was like any other Saturday night.

There I was, sitting at the bar, sipping my favorite Vodka and watching her dance. Recalling that we've had sex for at least 6 times, man, she still look so sexy in that limelight!

Dancing to the tune of Don't Cha, she made heads turn.

Only guys' heads.

The girls? I bet they're hissing with jealousy already.

She revealed the luscious contours of her small back as she swirled her hips. My heart skipped a little everytime her hair swept across the top of her bosoms. I can hear her soft moans already! As she daringly stepped onto the billard table, she teased the crowd a little by whisking her mini skirt.

As I sipped my second glass of Vodka, her skirt came off a little. And ta-dah! Everyone who was there that night knew she's wearing a little red g-string underneath. The ambience turned a little awkward for a few seconds. But she tried to look indifferent and managed to finish dancing.

She came running to me, giggling like a 15 year-old, "So paiseh just now!"

"What? What's so paiseh?", I quipped.

"Hey! I know you saw, ok!" She continued to giggle.

"That's still ok what! G-string only!" I teased, leaning forward to give a kiss. Moving to her ear, I whispered, "It's ok, baby. Nobody knows how wild you are in bed."

Yes, she's wild in that bedroom. We kissed hungrily as we roamed about each other's body. She's never tired. Even after work. I traced her neck with my tongue. She gripped my arms as I savored her breasts.

Her nipples were so ever-tasty. She heaved audibly as I swirl my tongue around them. My hands stroked her thighs as she groped my shaft.

"It's this g-string, isn't it?" I remarked as pulled it off her waist. I couldn't help but relished her inner thighs. She kept nudging her pussy towards my face but in vain. Soon, her pussy glistened with moist.

She gave a soft cry as my tongue swam into her pussy. I intended to taste every inch of it, but to hell with it! I lapped vigourously as she moaned and gasped through her teeth. Her pussy soon found its momentum and swerved itself around my mouth.

It didn't take long for her to become sexually impatient. She needed IT.

I positioned myself above her as she arched her back to welcome my entry. Soon, we were fucking like long-lost lovers. Her mixture of moans and groans fueled me on. Our genitals smacked at each other at increasing speed and soon her pussy felt tighter and tighter.

Finally, she gave out a loud cry and went into a series of light spasms while I cummed all over her.

I can't wait to see her again tonight.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

No Strings Attached

First things first. A big sorry for the long pause. A 7-month pause. I've booked a column in the Guinness World Records 2007 - The longest pause.

Alright. I've not updated my blog since Jun 06. Frankly, at some point, I almost resorted to make a new TV series - And the City. You know, without the Sex. However, if some of you can recall, there was this girl whom I was seeing since I've met (read: reunited with) her in a pub.

Well, we didn't rush into sex at once. That only happened after numerous verbal foreplay and a few physical tease. We were in this cab, riding towards her home. She was wearing a bikini-top and a mini skirt.

Obviously, she has just knocked off from work. Me? I was blown away once again.

We were chatting when she casually mentioned that she's tired. I offered my shoulders but she chose my chest instead. Within seconds, we were cuddling at the backseat, kissing passionately, which surprised me a little as she wasn't the kind who'll indulge in flings. But I must say that she's really a good kisser.

There was no "Wanna come upstairs?". We were kissing in the lift lobby, in the lift, in the lift lobby (again) and outside her door. There was no groping around either. We only paused when she reached for her keys. The fire inside continued to grow while we zigzaged across her living room and into her bedroom.

We paused again as she locked her bedroom door. Being a chatty girl, it didn't seemed to bother her when we haven't spoke since we got off that cab. Our conversation was only made up of gasps and moans.

She tore at my shirt and pants. Soon, I was only in my boxers. "Wait." She pushed me onto the bed and she started her sexy dance. The only difference between her bedroom-dance and her pub-dance was that her clothes came off in this bedroom-dance.

My dick was screaming like a maligned death-row convict.

She traced her hips with her fingers as her breasts baited me. I tried standing up, but she held onto my shoulders. She then hooked her arms around my neck and sat on my lap with her legs wide open. Without even taking a breather, she skimmed down and unbuttoned my boxers with her teeth.

I grabbed her waist and swung her onto the bed. And off came my boxers. "No more games, baby." She grinned and beckoned me towards her. I laid between her thighs and kissed her. She giggled a bit when I nibbled at her earlobe, but giggles soon became gasps and more gasps. I stroked her breasts like I was separating the salt from the sand. She started to grind her groin with mine as I savoured her nipples.

"Touch me... there..." She moaned as she guided my hands to national treasure. I rejected her gently as I tasted her body.

Damn. She smell like heaven.

I teased her by stroking her thighs, but not laying a finger on her pussy. She sqiurmed with slight frustration and kneaded my arms for more. I decided to stop her torture and went down south. My tongue swam in and out of her pussy furiously, but I was gentle with her clit. It didn't take long for her to be readily wet.

Soon, we were humping - missionary, doggy, missionary, doggy. She was so sexy in all styles.

She was enjoying herself, moaning almost hysterically. I finally came all over her thighs as she laid on her bed, embracing her orgasm.

Was there a second round? You bet.