Saturday, May 13, 2006

Shall We Dance?

I used to frequent places similar to Velvet Underground, Asylum & Gotham Penthouse.

Nope. Not because I like to dance. I dance like an ostrich, so please don't overestimate my dancing abilities.

For those who still haven't guessed it, I'm an alcohol-lover.

(Alright! Alright! I'm an alcoholic!)

I haven't been visiting those places for the past two years due to a couple of reasons - National Service commitment, never-ending work & lack of cash.

However, one of my girl-friends started to work in a pub as a dancer only recently, and she seeked for my support. Now, she used to give me the impression that although she's outgoing & vivacious, she'll never learn how to dance.

It's not her cup of tea.

But I got a pleasant shock when I decided to drop by that pub one night.

There she was, scantily dressed, walking towards me with a smile.

"Hey! You're here! I thought you wouldn't come!"

(Woah. I've never seen her dressed like this in our previous dates. Good thing I decided to drop by tonight.)

And so we began to chat over glasses of Lychee Martini & some other liquor which the bartender mixed. He refused to reveal their names or contents.

All the time she was leaning towards me, pressing her sensuous body against me, teasing me by occasionally brushing her breasts across my arms, allowing me to hug her by her bare waist, squeezing my thighs with hers...

She did it all to turn me on. Damn. Now I truly understand the meaning of "see no touch". I felt really horny but awkward at the same time - a friend who always portrays a girl-next-door image now become a sexy kitten.

What she did later sizzle the dancefloor. I've always admired female dancers. Not because they always catch my attention with their tube tops, miniskirts and an occasional g-string, but how confident they are in their own skin.

Every move she made on that billard table blew my mind away!

Well, to cut the chase, it was a no-sex night. As sexy as she was, she's just not ONS or fling-oriented (Not that I'm looking for one though).

Let's see how things work out in future...


kissmate said...

Have you seen the dancers at Gotham? They're wonderful.

There was this girl who was dancing somewhere in front of my boyfriend and me. She was damn hot I tell you, and damn comfortable in her own skin too, AND a very good dancer. *grin*

But hey, sex has no barriers, as long as both parties are able to fuck and walk away from it as though nothing has happened. =)

Life is.. just so ordinary said...


Mind if you bring me along next time?? :P

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

Woo hoo.. sounds like it's a good progress ;)

The Horny Bitch said...

Sounds yummuy to me.. Hee..

Sexual Innuendo said...

Jack, just work on it. She already took the first step by teasing ya.

Serene said...

i wana go too! lol... T.T

sÞ¡ηηєє said...

So what's the progress mr jack? :D

Robin said...

hmmm.. I like your idea of "see but no touch".

My friend did touch and now under charge for molest!

Girls can touch guys but not the other way.