Saturday, February 24, 2007

In The Limelight

It was like any other Saturday night.

There I was, sitting at the bar, sipping my favorite Vodka and watching her dance. Recalling that we've had sex for at least 6 times, man, she still look so sexy in that limelight!

Dancing to the tune of Don't Cha, she made heads turn.

Only guys' heads.

The girls? I bet they're hissing with jealousy already.

She revealed the luscious contours of her small back as she swirled her hips. My heart skipped a little everytime her hair swept across the top of her bosoms. I can hear her soft moans already! As she daringly stepped onto the billard table, she teased the crowd a little by whisking her mini skirt.

As I sipped my second glass of Vodka, her skirt came off a little. And ta-dah! Everyone who was there that night knew she's wearing a little red g-string underneath. The ambience turned a little awkward for a few seconds. But she tried to look indifferent and managed to finish dancing.

She came running to me, giggling like a 15 year-old, "So paiseh just now!"

"What? What's so paiseh?", I quipped.

"Hey! I know you saw, ok!" She continued to giggle.

"That's still ok what! G-string only!" I teased, leaning forward to give a kiss. Moving to her ear, I whispered, "It's ok, baby. Nobody knows how wild you are in bed."

Yes, she's wild in that bedroom. We kissed hungrily as we roamed about each other's body. She's never tired. Even after work. I traced her neck with my tongue. She gripped my arms as I savored her breasts.

Her nipples were so ever-tasty. She heaved audibly as I swirl my tongue around them. My hands stroked her thighs as she groped my shaft.

"It's this g-string, isn't it?" I remarked as pulled it off her waist. I couldn't help but relished her inner thighs. She kept nudging her pussy towards my face but in vain. Soon, her pussy glistened with moist.

She gave a soft cry as my tongue swam into her pussy. I intended to taste every inch of it, but to hell with it! I lapped vigourously as she moaned and gasped through her teeth. Her pussy soon found its momentum and swerved itself around my mouth.

It didn't take long for her to become sexually impatient. She needed IT.

I positioned myself above her as she arched her back to welcome my entry. Soon, we were fucking like long-lost lovers. Her mixture of moans and groans fueled me on. Our genitals smacked at each other at increasing speed and soon her pussy felt tighter and tighter.

Finally, she gave out a loud cry and went into a series of light spasms while I cummed all over her.

I can't wait to see her again tonight.