Monday, October 24, 2011

Rhythm And Blues

She giggled as she crawled atop me. Our clothes were strewn around the bed but we were barely naked.

It was fun yet agonizing to watch her prowl towards me, cladded only in her baby blue lingerie. I was only a pair of boxer briefs away from unleashing my pent-up rage on her.

Finally, we met eye to eye. She stooped forward and teased me with her soft hair.

I could not take it any longer and reached behind her, hoping to unclasp her bra in one move.

Sadly, she was faster.

“Wait,” she warned.

She leaned in and nibbled on my lips. Her tongue soon met mine, and we tasted each other delicately. Our teeth got in the way from time to time, but that just made the whole experience sexier.

Then, just as our lips unlocked, I snaked away and overpowered her by pressing her back down from behind.

Her hovering ass got me all fired up.

She then felt me tugging at her bra, and from the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a bluish whirl which darted across the room and landed in a corner.

I reached forward and gave her unprotected breasts a soft squeeze.

Then, I gave her nipples a good pinch.

She yelped and shivered a little.

Her panties came off next, and I flipped her over.

There she laid, in a beautiful mess, grinning, clearly enjoying this thuggish treatment.

Wasting no time, I pried open her legs and sunk my dick into paradise.

I pounded her, as if with revenge. She hung on to me with one leg around my waist and both arms around my neck.

My dick would be surrounded by her warm pussy juice every time I thrust, and hearing her heave fuelled me on.

She was so wet.

I attempted to keep it together as I luxuriated in the moment, but our rising body temperatures signalled a climax.

She exhaled loudly and writhed in orgasmic comfort, while I sprayed strings after strings of semen onto her tummy.

Cuddles and fluttering kisses marked the end of the day.

The next morning, as I stepped into the office, the receptionist, as usual, greeted me from behind her work desk. Then, she leaned forward and whispered,

“Did you see my bra? You know, the baby blue one?”