Saturday, September 08, 2007


As much as we have enjoyed fucking each other for the first time, it was pretty awkward. After that fateful night, we stopped contacting each other.

Until a week ago.

After my caller ID screamed her name and her "I miss you. Can we meet?", we ended up at my place, drunk and horny. Our tongues locked while we tore at each other's clothes. She pressed herself against me every now and then, lusting after my bare skin, yet trapped in a silky dilemma. The sexual tension heightened as I unzipped her dress, brushing my fingers across her small back.

She kneaded my shoulders as I savored her neck. Soon, her bra floated onto the bedroom floor. I was still awed by the softness of her breasts though this was not my first time tasting them. I skimmed my lips over the top of her breasts, but she was already getting impatient. She repositioned herself so that her nipples met my mouth.

It was so exhilarating to feel her nipples harden inside my mouth. She gasped through her teeth as I sucked softly. We lurched towards my bed while her panties slided down her thighs and landed by her feet. She laid on my bed with me on top of her.

Our lips met again, but only momentarily. Then, she pushed my head towards her secret garden.

She was so wet.

A sigh signalling satisfaction can be heard as I ate her pussy. Soon, she was writhing her pussy around so that she can be relished in momentum with my hunger.

We couldn't bear this foreplay much longer. Soon, we fucked, reveling in what the night has prepared for us. She arched her back higher, delighting herself in my length and speed. She wanted more.

She pushed me onto my bed. Another sigh can be heard as she sank herself onto me slowly. Then she started to ride me while her moans become audible. She squirmed her pussy around my dick as she caressed my chest. She was breathless.

She started to pick up speed and we both could feel our orgasms nearing. Her climax came quickly as her thighs gripped tightly around my waist. I, too, could not hold on much longer and erupted.

"We should do this more often", I whispered, as we glistened in lust under the moonlight.