Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jack, Interrupted

Enough of the Dancing Queen.

Nope. Not that we're not having sex. And no, it's not getting dull. She's still as hot as ever.

It's just that something else came up - I ended up in bed with another girl.

Well, I met up with her yesterday night. She was attached when I knew her a couple of years ago, but she has been single since... (checks watch) 24 hours ago. She was still crying when she called me.

And so, there I was, sitting beside her on her couch, listening to her talk about her sweet memories with him. She looked so beautiful when she was in love.

Now, she's crushed.

I tried consoling her. "Hey. He left for another girl. That makes him a jerk. No use crying over a jerk" doesn't work. Neither does "You're still young. Your Mr Right is out there. So, no worries." I gave up and decided to just listen.

I guessed my presence helped in some way or another, 'cos she reduced to just sobbing some time later. I sat closer to her and caressed her back. She got comfortable and laid in my arms.

We were kissing frenziedly in no time.

Her breath quickened as I necked her. Soon, we were both topless, still tasting each other's bodies. Her moans become louder when my lips met her breasts for the first time. She pressed hard on me as I sucked her nipples.

Then, I began to go south, removing her skirt as I skimmed her tummy. I laid her onto the couch and tasted her thighs. Taking off her only defence between her pussy and my tongue, she beckoned me to eat her.

Without much hesitation, I flicked my tongue around her pussy, savoring every bit of it. I proceeded to lick her pleasure spot while I fingered her. She went from purring to whining.

Suddenly, she grabbed me by my arms and pushed me onto the couch. And what a view! I loved the way she blushed with her body glistening in pespiration.

I felt her weight on me and she slowly relished my dick. She wasted no time and started to ride. I could only grunt with delight as I fondled her breasts. She increased her speed and I was starting to become breathless. I grabbed her bum, trying to signal her to slow down.

She was either ignoring me, or she's just too engrossed with the whole motion. She did not stop.

I tried to take deep, steady breaths, but her delicious bod was right in front of me. The burning sensation down there did not help either. I could not help it but I emptied myself into her while I cried out with rejoice.

She didn't seemed to mind though. I caressed her back (again) as she laid on my chest, reduced to whimpers. With me still inside her.



nice one

HoneyBum said...

so much for the comforting huh?

more like sexual comfort. heh..

paradoxical-lilium said...

ahhh. nice. maybe i'll try.

BITCH with the B said...

hey.intro pls? kinda interesting guy.
i need comfort too!

megadisc said...

as long as she doesnt mind.

go ahead and fart her brains out !

The Horny Bitch said...

hm... Temporary relieve..