Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bon Voyage

I'd set out here,
but the hair is a forest of ambush and snares.
But the brow becalms us, when it's smooth and plain.
The dark pools of the eyes are dangerous to our ship,
for to be drawn into them would be shipwreck.

The nose like the first meridian,
directs us down to the Islands Fortunate,
the swelling lips.

I would anchor here and hear the sirens' songs.
Then sailing on, past the glorious promontory of chin,
we may encounter some islands,
as we travel down towards your India.

And we pause at the Atlantic navel,
where the current carries our pilot on,
to another forest, where many are shipwrecked.

And no further ever get.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

From Dusk Till Dawn

Blistering, the day has been,
ovenlike, the room we were in.
Passionately we kissed,
lustfully we frisked.

We were hopelessly naked.
I nibbled your earlobe,
savored the length of your neck,
as you heaved, trying to cope.

I relished every inch of your skin
and held your tenderness.
You were impatient, humbled, pinned,
as I wetted around your nipples.

You gripped onto my shoulders,
as my lips wrapped around your senses.
Soon, your anticipation heightened.
You gasped and your grasps tightened.

Nectar trickled out of where your thighs met,
onto my lips, all over your hips.
Watery beads formed on your head.
Trying not to cave in, you bit your lips.

I dug deeper,
in search of your best kept secret.
You begged louder,
yearning that I'd be less wicked.

But I reached across your knees
and pushed into your sweetest spot.
I brutally pleased
as you mindlessly hissed.

The clapping rang and bounced,
as we sped and jounced.
Soon, our pleasures were eager to bolt.
We were coming to a breathless halt.

Finally we plunged into a scalding epicenter,
while erotic heatwaves rippled.
Our music piece has reached its volcanic pinnacle.
We panted with joy, and blissfully cuddled.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Littlest Things

It’s amazing how small acts of kindness and friendship can boost your morale.

A friend insisted writing postcards to me despite living in this digital era. Another friend asked me to be one of his brothers for his wedding. Friends (read: former colleagues) asked me out, reason being they missed my smile. Colleagues subtly acknowledged my (relatively new) presence by teasing how cute my tie is. A girl, who is currently temping in my company, came up to me, smiled, chatted and left smiling. My no-nonsense father (read: austere) laughed with me while watching a variety show. My unassuming mother cleaned my room, knowing that I will be drunk for the night.

A boy celebrated his sixth birthday with 15 friends in McDonald’s – the first since he was diagnosed with leukemia three years back.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Thorn Amongst Roses

It’s been close to a month since I moved on to greener pastures.

Life is better now. No more Hitler-like bosses. No more red tapes. But I do miss my friends back at my former workplace.

Anyway, for those who are not in the know, what’s so special about this pasture is that it’s full of roses. And by roses, I mean, ladies.

And yes, I am that thorn among the roses. Unfortunately, some of the ladies here see me as a thorn in the flesh. Ok, I may have exaggerated but these ladies were and still are taking some time to warm up to me.

My colleagues (current ones) told me that’s because the turnover here is so high that people do not dare to get chummy with newbies within their first month of employment. They will think, “What if he leaves within the month? Then what’s the point of befriending him?”

Sigh. Looks like socializing just got harder. But still -

No more Hitler-like bosses. No more red tapes.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Pump It

Last night, at Pump Room (Clarke Quay), if you spotted a tall guy dancing like an ostrich, yeah, that's me.

Truth be told, I was dancing for the first time in my life.

"What made me dance?", you ask. It was the live band (They are called Jive Talkin'). The numbers they did were fantastic! From Viva La Vida to All The Small Things, even It's Raining Men sounded Bon Jovi-esque.

Of course, there were the girls. Lots of glances and smiles were exchanged. Lots of grinding (Yes, even Mr Emu got grinded).

I am definitely going to head back there!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Making Headway

I made a decision on Wednesday morning - I had a word with my boss and then turned in my resignation letter.

Then I realised that in a month's time, my life is going to be surrounded by women. I'm moving to a greener pasture which is created for and by the ladies. 90% of my new company is female. The fringe benefits which I get to enjoy have already got the attention of some of my lady friends.

During the interview, when I mentioned that one of my hobbies is diving, my future boss, a girl (surprise, surprise), has subtly hinted that she enjoys diving too.

I, too, enjoyed how her dress subtly hinted the outline of her body. Grins.

Oh man. So much temptations, so little resistance.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Smoke On The Water

She stood at the edge with the sun in her face, as if she's in the limelight. For a moment, I thought God has answered my prayers. All eyes were on her, including mine.

As she got in, it wasn't hard to notice that the fabric has hugged her tighter than before. It pushed her bosoms up, highlighting her proud curves.

I didn't ignore her butt either (I'm a butt man, just so you know). The sexual tension heightened as I watched the water swerve down her lower back, bend over her butt and drift down her thighs.

Despite this smoky entry, I told myself to remain nonchalant, even though it felt like pushing a knife through my veins.

I continued wading when out of a sudden, she glided alongside me. We exchanged glances for a second. Then she overtook me, as if trying to show off her liquid dance. Indeed, it was enticing to watch the water softly caress her body. I can only wish it was me who's drawing circles on her inner thighs.

In the next hour, she would occasionally skim from behind and rub her thighs against mine. Or she would playfully brush her fingers against my arm. I tried to appear indifferent but I was already all juiced up.

Then, much to my disappointment, she got out and, again, stood at the edge, as if it's the end of a gig.

She threw me a cheeky grin and headed for the showers.

Swimming will never be the same again.

Friday, July 03, 2009


This is going to be a short post. Will write more by the end of next week.

On 26 June 2009, while the world mourned for the King of Pop, I was disheartened to see a fellow colleague leave. She is a young, petite, doe-eyed lady. The first time I met her two years ago, I believed in angels.

But she's an angel who smoked.

Anyway, on that fateful day, I paid her a visit at her work station to bid farewell. We were reminiscing in a cheery mood when she suddenly blurted, "I can still remember how you interviewed me two years ago."

"You would never say no to me whenever I needed help. You have been a part of my life & this part will never be forgotten."

I was pulverized. It was really sad to see an angel leave.

On a lighter note, I noticed that a number of girls have started to come into my life, accepting my invitations to movie dates, lunch dates, dinner dates & drinking dates.

I was thrilled by this phenomenon and regard this as a case of pure coincidence.

But I can't help & think. Was it because I've started to smile more? Have I become less reclusive? Is it because of my new tan? Friends have commented that I've lost weight. Was it because of that?

I have no idea.

I guess it was my goal to be as charming as George Clooney or Robert Downey Jr. when I reach 30. Then I'd surround myself with friends like Brad Pitt & Matt Damon & the like to complete the picture.

*Day dreams*

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Something About The Ladies

Recently, I came to realize that the ladies I knew can have their most charming (sexy, even) moments when you least expect it. I've drawn up a list of those moments, but it's not an exhaustive one.

Moment no. 5. When she passes a witty remark. It'll knock you over, especially when you thought you've always been the funny one. You'll remain in awe while she continues to grin. She knew she has just wowed you, yet she's keeping quiet. The deafening split-second silence will inevitably blow you away.

Moment no. 4. When she laughs at your jokes. My jokes, actually. Her laughter will encourage you to sit closer to her. And when she just finished laughing, look into her eyes and smile. She'll blush and damn, she'll look so beautiful.

Moment no. 3. When she just finished working out. Her skin will glisten with her perspiration. It's especially sexy if you've just worked out with her. Both of you will be panting to each other's rhythm. You did not just had sex, yet she'll have this uncanny afterglow.

Moment no. 2. When she just finished showering. She may be wrapped in a towel. She may be wearing only your t-shirt. She may even be naked. Whichever the case, she'll smell her best. Her hair will rest softly across her shoulders and on her bosoms. (If she has long hair, that is.) Resist that urge to jump her. (Unless she jumps you.)

And finally, moment no.1. The second after she climaxed, especially when she just made love, not fucked. She will be trying to catch her breath, her cheeks and chest flushed. Take your time to cuddle with her. Look at how she strokes your chest while she heaves with joy. You'll realize you're in bed with an angel. (Or devil, depending on how wild you've both become.)