Friday, July 24, 2009

Making Headway

I made a decision on Wednesday morning - I had a word with my boss and then turned in my resignation letter.

Then I realised that in a month's time, my life is going to be surrounded by women. I'm moving to a greener pasture which is created for and by the ladies. 90% of my new company is female. The fringe benefits which I get to enjoy have already got the attention of some of my lady friends.

During the interview, when I mentioned that one of my hobbies is diving, my future boss, a girl (surprise, surprise), has subtly hinted that she enjoys diving too.

I, too, enjoyed how her dress subtly hinted the outline of her body. Grins.

Oh man. So much temptations, so little resistance.

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thedandygal said...

so i see.. the proportion of hot female colleagues has become one of the major considerations when applying jobs. How come I didn't assess the proportion of hot male colleagues when I applied for mine? No wonder I feel a tinge of sadness whenever I head to work. :s

Life is unfair.