Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fight Club

Remember what I said about ladies who just completed their workout, whatever their workout may be?

Recently, I couldn't help but notice more and more of such ladies in my life.

Now, I feel really ecstatic whenever I go for a run or take part in marathons, because I see more ladies doing the same thing.

It's really motivating to watch those athletic, tanned bodies blush with perspiration under the sun.

If that's not enough, I see more ladies in my fight class.

(By the way, I've signed up for this fight class a couple of months back; it is a bit like kickboxing.)

Once again, I'll like to say it's really motivating to watch those athletic, tanned (or not) bodies blush with perspiration.

It feels even better when we smile at each other during the workout.

It seems like a post-coital smile, but it really is just a smile to encourage each other to run another 200 metres or do another push-up.

But still, a smile is a smile, and it helps a lot with socializing, meaning, knowing more girls.

So, on that note, keep smiling, stay healthy, and make 2012 your best year yet!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

She Came, I Conquered

There was a buzz and my mobile phone flashed.

"I'm here."

I hurried to the door and opened it. Right there in front of me, stood an athletic woman, cladded in a tank top and running shorts. Or was it denim shorts? Bah, who cares?

Taking her by her hands, I pulled her closer for a deep kiss. She draped her arms around my neck as we teased with our tongues and playfully bit each other's lips. We paused for a breather and looked into each other's eyes.

She giggled, "What?"


"Tell me. Wh-"

Before she could finish her sentence, I launched a surprise ticklish attack on her and left her sitting on the floor, gasping for air.

She would later gasp for air again, for a different reason.

I picked her up and we tottered into my bedroom.

Closing the door behind me, I turned her around and peeled her tank top over her head.

There was no bra to unclasp.

I inhaled sharply, as I watched the moonlight mill around the contours of her breasts.

She coyly wriggled out of her shorts, and then her panties, and laid comfortably on my bed.

I snapped out of my daze and got naked quickly.

She took my hand and ran my fingers softly over her calves and thighs, sending tingles all over her.

I pushed further up and circled her breasts. As I inched towards her nipples, she tilted her head and sunk deeper into my pillow. I climbed into bed and skimmed my lips across her neck.

Her nipples quickly found their place between my lips, occasionally hooked between my teeth, as she remained submerged in her pool of pleasure.

My hands pondered around her pubic area for awhile, then a couple of my fingers made a split-second decision to immerse themselves in her love hole.

That's when she sang a different, audible tune.

Her vagina would clenched my fingers everytime I plugged them in, soaking them with her ecstasy.

Soon, my thumb got sucked into the sexual whirlpool, as I used it to rub her clit.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!" she exclaimed, as she soused my hand.

Not wanting to waste the precious nectar, I replaced my thumb with my tongue, and summoned the elixir down my throat.

Then, suddenly, she inhaled loudly and sent her body into quivering convulsions.

"My turn."

I got between her thighs and pounded her remaining breath away.

This time, her vagina clenched my dick everytime I stuck it in. The deeper I pushed, the harder it was to pull it out.

Her pelvic-grinding and shoulder-kneading did not help either.

Then, out of the blue, she necked me.

I guess that's pretty much when the wheels came off the wagon, and I groaned and bucked as my horses mashed into the tip of my condom.

Still panting a little, I gathered my strength and climbed off her. Then, I reached for my wallet and withdrew a few crisp notes.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Sink In

It was the most wonderful feeling as she lowered her hips and sunk my dick into her gorge.

Just a few moments ago, my dick was howling for its release as her dress floated to the floor.

The afternoon light came through from under the door and landed softly on her body, illuminating the contours of her breasts and hips.

I got rather nervous as she sashayed towards me. Her naked display was adding on to the sexual tension between us.
By the way, I have lost control of the rate my dick was swelling.

As if able to read my mind, she bent over, unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants.

There, my dick stood, unshackled with pure sexual rage.

She then kissed my neck and chest, and stroked my length. I exhaled softly, savoring every wave of pleasure sent towards my groin.

Not losing anymore time, she grabbed my buttocks and pulled my dick into her warm shelter.

I groaned aloud, surprised at how seasoned she was at appeasing the vehemence between my legs.

She started grinding against my thighs as she kneaded my back.

Damn, she was good!

Then, she did the unthinkable – she quickened her pace.

Our hisses and purrs grew more intense every time they bounced off the wall of the handicap restroom we were in.

I tried to keep my legion in its wings, but all I could think of was how tight and wet and warm and…

I succumbed to my spinal reflexes as I felt thick ropes of jizz dashed down her throat as she swallowed heartily between gasps and moans.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rhythm And Blues

She giggled as she crawled atop me. Our clothes were strewn around the bed but we were barely naked.

It was fun yet agonizing to watch her prowl towards me, cladded only in her baby blue lingerie. I was only a pair of boxer briefs away from unleashing my pent-up rage on her.

Finally, we met eye to eye. She stooped forward and teased me with her soft hair.

I could not take it any longer and reached behind her, hoping to unclasp her bra in one move.

Sadly, she was faster.

“Wait,” she warned.

She leaned in and nibbled on my lips. Her tongue soon met mine, and we tasted each other delicately. Our teeth got in the way from time to time, but that just made the whole experience sexier.

Then, just as our lips unlocked, I snaked away and overpowered her by pressing her back down from behind.

Her hovering ass got me all fired up.

She then felt me tugging at her bra, and from the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of a bluish whirl which darted across the room and landed in a corner.

I reached forward and gave her unprotected breasts a soft squeeze.

Then, I gave her nipples a good pinch.

She yelped and shivered a little.

Her panties came off next, and I flipped her over.

There she laid, in a beautiful mess, grinning, clearly enjoying this thuggish treatment.

Wasting no time, I pried open her legs and sunk my dick into paradise.

I pounded her, as if with revenge. She hung on to me with one leg around my waist and both arms around my neck.

My dick would be surrounded by her warm pussy juice every time I thrust, and hearing her heave fuelled me on.

She was so wet.

I attempted to keep it together as I luxuriated in the moment, but our rising body temperatures signalled a climax.

She exhaled loudly and writhed in orgasmic comfort, while I sprayed strings after strings of semen onto her tummy.

Cuddles and fluttering kisses marked the end of the day.

The next morning, as I stepped into the office, the receptionist, as usual, greeted me from behind her work desk. Then, she leaned forward and whispered,

“Did you see my bra? You know, the baby blue one?”

Monday, March 14, 2011

Rejection Rejected

I once met this girl back in 2005 (or 2006? I couldn’t remember).

She came from a conservative background, yet she was very curious about sex. Despite that, no matter how much I coaxed her, I could never get under her skirt.

She kept talking about preserving her virginity for this particular guy she knew, and rejected my advances. So, I backed off.

One day, while she was at my place, I decided to try my luck again.

I remember that she was wearing a tube top and a silk-twill lace skirt, and somehow or rather, I managed to get her to lie on my bed.

I was nibbling on her neck, drawing wet circles against her skin as she drew shallow breaths. My hands roamed around her body, but whenever I tried to reach under her top to fondle her bra covered breasts, she would push my hand away. The same happened when I tried to caress her thighs.

It was rather frustrating but a little patience was the order of the day.

Slowly, I worked my way from her neck, down towards her clavicle, grazing her collarbone before I glided my tongue onto her chest.

I expected her to push my head away, but as I looked up, I saw her lying comfortably on my pillow with her head tilted. She licked her lips every once in a while as she breathed through her mouth.

I gradually pulled her top up a little to reveal her toned tummy. Then, with my tongue, I skimmed around her belly button. She gasped lightly, clearly enjoying the tease.

I pulled at her top again, trying to reveal more flesh. This time, she pushed my hands away.

"Don’t," she said with a grin, "but I want you to continue kissing me."

And so, I continued kissing her neck, chest and tummy for another 5 minutes or so. (For the record, it felt like an hour.)

Then, not making any sudden movement, I slid my hand behind her back and fumbled with her bra.

"Don’t! Hey—you can’t—I said—," she put up a struggle almost immediately.

I pressed my thighs on hers to keep her from thrashing around and I held onto her flinging arm with my free hand.

It took me quite a while but I managed to undo her bra. I quickly pulled it from under her top and threw it onto the bedroom floor.

"How could you do this? I’ve already said no, and —"

She was reduced to muffles as I toyed her tongue with mine. She was still tensed up when I reached under her top and fondled her breasts, but when I stroked her nipples, she released her grip on my wrist and let out a soft moan.

I grabbed the chance and brushed her nipples lightly with my lips, occasionally flicking them with my tongue. Then, I allowed one of her nipples to sink into my mouth. Her chest heaved while she struggled to control her breathing.

Her frown and sharp breaths told a lot about the confusion and arousal that she was experiencing.

"Do you like this?" I released my verbal arm and asked.

She nodded with a visible blush on her cheeks.

I resumed my oral torment on her nipple and slid my hand under her skirt.

"No— cannot—," she denied entry, as expected.

But I was not going to let her slip away. Not like that. Not when she was already that wet.

Like a pirate so close to his loot, I tugged at her skirt, searching for the much needed zip to tear down this woven barrier.

"You won’t be able to find the zip," she quipped.

I pushed her panties aside and rubbed her pussy vigorously. She jolted and lost control of her lungs, perhaps abiding to this tantalising sensation for the first time.

While she marveled at the thrill that was pushing through her nerves and veins, I found the zip and within seconds, I wrenched her skirt away. Her panties were wrested off next.

The moment I drove my tongue into her wet slit, she gulped, as if trying to keep her vocal cords intact. Soon enough, she moaned and hollered as she forced her sweet drink down my throat. She, too, bucked furiously while my tongue swam all over her clit.

Suddenly, she arched her back and came with her buttocks lifted off my bed.

Eventually, this girl did lose her virginity, not to me, but to the guy she was always talking about. For some reason, we saw less of each other as time went by.

Finally, in 2008, we stopped keeping in touch.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Rain Check

You said one thing, and I said another, and that was how it all happened.

On this seemingly chilling night, we only had each other to keep ourselves warm. Perhaps it was the liquor, perhaps it was the music, whatever the reason, we decided to give in to our needs and wants on your couch.

You were already excited, breathing through your mouth, when our lips met. I did not know whether it was your tongue tracing mine or it was the other way around, but we both enjoyed the dew that came with it. You hung your arms around my neck as I hugged you close to me, already wanting to subdue you.

I roamed your body, caressing your arms, then on to your back and finally your thighs and hips.

I broke our kiss and started to kiss across your cheek, nibbling your ear, and finally burying my face onto your neck. The smell of your hair and the perfume on your neck, together with your heavy gasping, were already stirring a perfect storm in my head and pants.

I reached behind you and unzipped your dress as I left a wet trail from your neck to your collarbones.

Then you held my face and looked at me in the eyes with soft desire. You stood up, allowing your dress to slide off while the moon teased the curves on your body through the veil of rain.

I, too, was teased.

You took my hand and led me to your bed. I must have dropped my pants and shirt along the way, because when we reached your bedroom, I was only in my boxers.

The sexual tension went up a notch and the tent between my thighs was clear evidence of it.

We kissed again. This time, hungrily.

I unbuckled your bra and peeled the fabric away like a toddler unwrapping his first Christmas present. I traced your breasts with my tongue as you tugged at my boxers. I then wrapped my lips around your nipples and sucked on them for the longest time ever. You toggled between gasping aloud and moaning shyly.

I went back to meet your neck and then your lips as we laid on your bed. I reached down and removed your panties, displaying the slick side of you. I pushed your thighs wide open and the occasional lightning outside your window revealed your beauty.

I took a few quick laps at your pussy as you hissed audibly. It was as if my tongue were hot iron.

Then I indulged myself with your love juice. My tongue outlined your slit, and swam in and out of your pussy as I tried to extract as much nectar from you as possible. I neglected your pussy for a few seconds to kiss your thighs and you got impatient, grinding your hips towards my mouth.

I gave in to your avidity and went down onto your now-extremely moist oasis.

You were moaning loudly now, smiling through your hair while it half-covered your face. I sucked your clit softly as I fingered you rhythmlessly, exhilarated by all your wetness.

I returned to kissing your body, then your breasts and neck, and as our eyes met, I sunk my dick into you. A cry of joy escaped from your mouth as you arched your back, enjoying every thrust. I tried controlling my rhythm and speed, but like the weather, I was unpredictable involuntarily.

Our hips hit so hard that it substituted thunderclaps, and waves and waves of pleasure heightened in our bodies and minds.

Before long, we erupted with delight, with you reduced to satisfied whimpers as you basked in the ripples of after-sex comfort.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Stranger In A Strange Land

There are too many lonely souls on Orchard Road.

Some of them gathered with lighted cigarettes, spending the night with aimless laughters. Many of them dressed to kill but did not catch any prey; they have downed too much liquid courage earlier and have lost their will to head home.

Anyway, I just spent 30 minutes walking through the place where I've spent my childhood.

I've tried invoking flashbacks and the ghosts of the past by retracing my steps while a couple of stall owners in the wet market watched me curiously.

I spotted a couple making out in the old basketball court and a homeless old man sleeping in front of a coffeeshop, enduring the cold of the night. Other than that, nothing significant came to mind; little fragments of yesteryear flickered like yellowed photographs.

I went home empty-handed; too many facelifts were in the way.

Perhaps returning in the light of day might help. Otherwise, only hypnotherapy or a near-death experience can restore that lost decade.