Monday, March 14, 2011

Rejection Rejected

I once met this girl back in 2005 (or 2006? I couldn’t remember).

She came from a conservative background, yet she was very curious about sex. Despite that, no matter how much I coaxed her, I could never get under her skirt.

She kept talking about preserving her virginity for this particular guy she knew, and rejected my advances. So, I backed off.

One day, while she was at my place, I decided to try my luck again.

I remember that she was wearing a tube top and a silk-twill lace skirt, and somehow or rather, I managed to get her to lie on my bed.

I was nibbling on her neck, drawing wet circles against her skin as she drew shallow breaths. My hands roamed around her body, but whenever I tried to reach under her top to fondle her bra covered breasts, she would push my hand away. The same happened when I tried to caress her thighs.

It was rather frustrating but a little patience was the order of the day.

Slowly, I worked my way from her neck, down towards her clavicle, grazing her collarbone before I glided my tongue onto her chest.

I expected her to push my head away, but as I looked up, I saw her lying comfortably on my pillow with her head tilted. She licked her lips every once in a while as she breathed through her mouth.

I gradually pulled her top up a little to reveal her toned tummy. Then, with my tongue, I skimmed around her belly button. She gasped lightly, clearly enjoying the tease.

I pulled at her top again, trying to reveal more flesh. This time, she pushed my hands away.

"Don’t," she said with a grin, "but I want you to continue kissing me."

And so, I continued kissing her neck, chest and tummy for another 5 minutes or so. (For the record, it felt like an hour.)

Then, not making any sudden movement, I slid my hand behind her back and fumbled with her bra.

"Don’t! Hey—you can’t—I said—," she put up a struggle almost immediately.

I pressed my thighs on hers to keep her from thrashing around and I held onto her flinging arm with my free hand.

It took me quite a while but I managed to undo her bra. I quickly pulled it from under her top and threw it onto the bedroom floor.

"How could you do this? I’ve already said no, and —"

She was reduced to muffles as I toyed her tongue with mine. She was still tensed up when I reached under her top and fondled her breasts, but when I stroked her nipples, she released her grip on my wrist and let out a soft moan.

I grabbed the chance and brushed her nipples lightly with my lips, occasionally flicking them with my tongue. Then, I allowed one of her nipples to sink into my mouth. Her chest heaved while she struggled to control her breathing.

Her frown and sharp breaths told a lot about the confusion and arousal that she was experiencing.

"Do you like this?" I released my verbal arm and asked.

She nodded with a visible blush on her cheeks.

I resumed my oral torment on her nipple and slid my hand under her skirt.

"No— cannot—," she denied entry, as expected.

But I was not going to let her slip away. Not like that. Not when she was already that wet.

Like a pirate so close to his loot, I tugged at her skirt, searching for the much needed zip to tear down this woven barrier.

"You won’t be able to find the zip," she quipped.

I pushed her panties aside and rubbed her pussy vigorously. She jolted and lost control of her lungs, perhaps abiding to this tantalising sensation for the first time.

While she marveled at the thrill that was pushing through her nerves and veins, I found the zip and within seconds, I wrenched her skirt away. Her panties were wrested off next.

The moment I drove my tongue into her wet slit, she gulped, as if trying to keep her vocal cords intact. Soon enough, she moaned and hollered as she forced her sweet drink down my throat. She, too, bucked furiously while my tongue swam all over her clit.

Suddenly, she arched her back and came with her buttocks lifted off my bed.

Eventually, this girl did lose her virginity, not to me, but to the guy she was always talking about. For some reason, we saw less of each other as time went by.

Finally, in 2008, we stopped keeping in touch.


Slut in Training said...

do you miss her?

Jack said...

Not so much. She has more or less become a distant memory.

Slut in Training said...

well, sort of a 'throw away' emotional and fuck friend i guess.

Jack said...

Nah, I guess she got attached & decided not to keep in touch.

Slut in Training said...

maybe ur just sick of the lovegame

Anonymous said...

sexy. i particularly love this piece of writing.

"to have it or not" - that struggle, it brings back lovely (and horny) memories.

Got me there.


Anonymous said...

nice story but your blog background is really irritating and difficult to read.


melon said...

nice story,gonna check out the rest.

keithoe said...

I really enjoyed the post. How old were you both hen this happened?

Anonymous said...

Hey bro, not writing anymore?

Jack said...

Still writing, still writing. Been busy lately.

In fact, I have an entry coming up.

~Zhenna~ said...

Interesting ripples & waves... and completely erotic!