Sunday, March 06, 2011

Rain Check

You said one thing, and I said another, and that was how it all happened.

On this seemingly chilling night, we only had each other to keep ourselves warm. Perhaps it was the liquor, perhaps it was the music, whatever the reason, we decided to give in to our needs and wants on your couch.

You were already excited, breathing through your mouth, when our lips met. I did not know whether it was your tongue tracing mine or it was the other way around, but we both enjoyed the dew that came with it. You hung your arms around my neck as I hugged you close to me, already wanting to subdue you.

I roamed your body, caressing your arms, then on to your back and finally your thighs and hips.

I broke our kiss and started to kiss across your cheek, nibbling your ear, and finally burying my face onto your neck. The smell of your hair and the perfume on your neck, together with your heavy gasping, were already stirring a perfect storm in my head and pants.

I reached behind you and unzipped your dress as I left a wet trail from your neck to your collarbones.

Then you held my face and looked at me in the eyes with soft desire. You stood up, allowing your dress to slide off while the moon teased the curves on your body through the veil of rain.

I, too, was teased.

You took my hand and led me to your bed. I must have dropped my pants and shirt along the way, because when we reached your bedroom, I was only in my boxers.

The sexual tension went up a notch and the tent between my thighs was clear evidence of it.

We kissed again. This time, hungrily.

I unbuckled your bra and peeled the fabric away like a toddler unwrapping his first Christmas present. I traced your breasts with my tongue as you tugged at my boxers. I then wrapped my lips around your nipples and sucked on them for the longest time ever. You toggled between gasping aloud and moaning shyly.

I went back to meet your neck and then your lips as we laid on your bed. I reached down and removed your panties, displaying the slick side of you. I pushed your thighs wide open and the occasional lightning outside your window revealed your beauty.

I took a few quick laps at your pussy as you hissed audibly. It was as if my tongue were hot iron.

Then I indulged myself with your love juice. My tongue outlined your slit, and swam in and out of your pussy as I tried to extract as much nectar from you as possible. I neglected your pussy for a few seconds to kiss your thighs and you got impatient, grinding your hips towards my mouth.

I gave in to your avidity and went down onto your now-extremely moist oasis.

You were moaning loudly now, smiling through your hair while it half-covered your face. I sucked your clit softly as I fingered you rhythmlessly, exhilarated by all your wetness.

I returned to kissing your body, then your breasts and neck, and as our eyes met, I sunk my dick into you. A cry of joy escaped from your mouth as you arched your back, enjoying every thrust. I tried controlling my rhythm and speed, but like the weather, I was unpredictable involuntarily.

Our hips hit so hard that it substituted thunderclaps, and waves and waves of pleasure heightened in our bodies and minds.

Before long, we erupted with delight, with you reduced to satisfied whimpers as you basked in the ripples of after-sex comfort.


Anonymous said...

Good for you bro

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macy said...

add the orgasm i just had to the total tally man.

Lisa&Peipei said...

Some action, finally!

Lisa&Peipei said...

Hello Mr Jack, thanks for your encouragement :)

melon said...

some people are so lucky..