Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Boys With Toys

性情趣店 is the topic of the day. I just returned from Taipei, and I'm still feeling overwhelmed.

I must say Taipei is Heaven to all freedom-lovers. You're free to do anything there. And I mean anything & everything!

There was this satirical variety show and hey! Guess what? Its cast & crew suffered no governmental oppression! So much for sex bloggers in Singapore.

Anyway, other than the countless delicious food & numerous beautiful girls (Esp the girls! They can sweep me away so effortlessly without putting on any makeup), I took a lot of interests in the sex shops of Taipei.

Now let's see what's the difference between the sex shops in Taipei & those in Singapore.

Sex shops really mushroomed throughout Taipei City. There weren't any visible public outcry against such businesses. And there was a wider variety of sex merchandise - exotic condoms, zestful vibrators, impressive dildos, tips on having good sex, tips on giving mind-blowing fellatio & cunnilingus, role-play costumes, BDSM kits, masturbation kits (for both genders).

You name it, they have it!

Plus, you don't see Taiwanese blushing at sex toys. Nope, they don't point & giggle like Singaporean schoolgirls (or schoolboys).

And I must emphasize this once again. There wasn't any governmental oppression! No public wrath either!

Well, I'll keep this entry short. If you want more details, try reading this.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Late Bloomer

I must admit I'm a late bloomer.

I was 17 when I experienced a number of first-times - First time to assess the Internet, first time to watch video porn, first time to realise that girls are already having sex at a young age of 12 & first time to have sex.

But it was a year later when I first engaged in good foreplay.

I knew I had disappointed my then-girlfriend when I took her virginity - I was selfish & indifferent to her feelings. All I cared about was the sizzling sensation I experienced when my dick slided into her pussy. Subsequent love-making sessions got better though but they were not good enough.

So I decided to do a bit of research by reading men's magazine. And that was when foreplay came into.. urm.. play.

After months of trial & error, I finally got my girlfriend panting & smiling after sex!

It was an ordinary day in July when my girlfriend & I were kissing passionately in my bedroom. In the midst of tongue-sucking & lips-nimbling, I caressed her lower back with her hands clinging onto my hair.

We were enjoying ourselves immensely.

I went on to nimble her earlobe, thinking that it might be one of her erogenous zones. Unfortunately it wasn't. She didn't react to that. Instead, she genlty pushed my head towards the nape of her neck. So that was where she wanted it, I thought. Savouring her neck, I allow my hands to crawl into her spagetti-stripe. Her breaths got shallow as I cupped the underside of her breasts.

She let out a short gasp as I squeezed her assets meekly.

As soon as her top came off, our tongues met again for another swordfight. My hands went behind her to unhook her bra, but I wasn't in a hurry to pull it off.

I let it slide off her breasts sexily as I brush my palm against her thighs.

More gasps were heard.

As much as she wanted to resist my advance, she embraced me as I kissed her chest, digging her nails into me as I give tender bites. Her nipples then peeked coyly out of her brassiere.

A soft moan can be heard as I twitched her nipples lightly. It became audible when I wrapped my lips around it. She shivered a little when I sucked on it, gliding my tongue over it at the same time.

By the time I released my oral grip, her nipples were visibly hardened.

I allowed my tongue to explore other parts of her body, which included her arms, hands & fingers. Not forgetting her sensuous tummy.

Her response? She moaned through her teeth as she kneaded my meat in my shorts.

I took off her skirt and pulled off her panties through the waistband. I laid her down onto my bed as her panties floated down. Spreading her legs came next.

What a sight! "You're beautiful", I noted while admiring the glitter in between her limbs. I bent over & pecked on her thigh. I got closer & closer to her pussy, then I shifted my mouth to her other thigh. I did that a number of times, breathing into her pussy teasingly each time.

"Baby please," my girlfriend pleaded through grins, "I'm very wet.. I need your tong.. Haah..!" A loud moan could only mean I've interrupted her with my tongue on her pussy.

After some long strokes, I spreaded her labia & slided in. She squirmed & arched her pelvis a little. She further hugged my head with her thighs as I explored her warm-insides. Withdrawing my tongue, I engulfed my mouth on her pussy, sucking as much sweet juices as possible, treating each drop like bird's nest trickling down my throat.

By then, her clit has escaped from its hood. She almost screamed as I drew shapes around her pinkish-red swell. I proceeded to sizzle her as I placed some wet touches on her clit. I further surprised her as I wriggled a couple of fingers in & out of her pussy.

I stopped gradually & sat up. It's time to stop the leak between her legs. I then slided a thick blanket under her hips and stroked my dick against her pussy.

I positioned myself & pushed my hardness into her, sending electrifying tremors throughout her body. She wrapped her legs across my hips as I humped. Slow & gentle at first, I picked up speed while she bucked her bottom towards me.

Minutes passed, and the end seemed near. Her thighs became taut and she arched her back even more. I, too, can't hold on any longer.

I withdrew my dick & broke the dam onto her torso. At the same moment, she came, as orgasmic spasms rippled everywhere.

It all concluded with me cuddling on her heaving chest with droplets of perspiration on our foreheads..