Friday, October 15, 2010


It dawned upon me that I'm nearing my thirties and I still do not have full control of my career, and my social and sex life.

As I used to hate National Service, it was ironic that a recent in-camp training provided insights into my foggy future.

I've learnt and re-learnt a few things since then.

However, most interestingly, I found out that flings and fuck buddies don't always come in the form of party-goers, social network users and sex bloggers.

Just this afternoon, a female friend of mine revealed that she's into flings and she likes men going down on her.

She's a devout Christian, by the way.

I feel like a new man already.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sex (Time) Bomb

Last night marked the fourth time I've met Stephanie, who's the girlfriend of a long-time friend of mine.

Stephanie is a vibrant, smart and smart-looking girl in her mid 20s, and other than her elusive cleavage and long slender legs, there's nothing loud about her attire.

Ironically, we have always met to prepare for our friends' weddings. Last night was no different.

Now, she has been doing that since the second time we've met -- the cleavage and the long slender legs.

I can't help it but I have always undressed her mentally whenever I meet her.

I would imagine myself sliding her top off, stroking her oh-so delicate skin like how an antique valuer appreciates the works of Van Gogh.

I would imagine her gasping at my every teasing touch and speck.

Then my thoughts would come to a screeching halt whenever I imagine myself removing her panties. Some godly voice would boom inside my head, warning, "Ah! Ah! That's your buddy's girlfriend, Jack."

Anyway, I have also caught her stealing glances at me whenever the group's having a discussion or playing some boardgames. Occasionally, our eyes would meet and surprisingly, she would hold that level of contact for a couple of minutes. And mind you, it's not an angry glare or an empty stare. It's as if she's trying to read my mind or anticipating my next move.

"He has remained as close friends with these guys for, what, a decade? How does he do it? He did not even attend the same university as them."

"He's tanned. I wonder what kind of sports he does."

"Why is he still single? Is he gay?"

"Did he notice my cleavage? Is it obvious?"

Ok, that last thought was mine.

The point is, I did not make a move on her. I dare not.

Because it's not just a matter of is it the blue wire or the red wire. Because whichever wire I cut will blow me out of the waters.

Bedding an attached or married girl may be exhilarating and fun.

But making a suggestive move on a girl who's attached to your friend of 10 years is not going to be as simple as removing her panties in my mind.