Friday, October 15, 2010


It dawned upon me that I'm nearing my thirties and I still do not have full control of my career, and my social and sex life.

As I used to hate National Service, it was ironic that a recent in-camp training provided insights into my foggy future.

I've learnt and re-learnt a few things since then.

However, most interestingly, I found out that flings and fuck buddies don't always come in the form of party-goers, social network users and sex bloggers.

Just this afternoon, a female friend of mine revealed that she's into flings and she likes men going down on her.

She's a devout Christian, by the way.

I feel like a new man already.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jack,
can we meet?

Ms Silly said...

well, tat shall teach sth: dun judge a person by the cover...
What u see in the surface might not be the fact all the time
*wink wink*

aiman said...

yea~ u got that rite. hard to read people. some look pretty good but they are in face damn bad. same goes vice versa ^^'

melon said...

you should fall in love and get married..
also,nuns have tits too..=)

~Zhenna~ said...

Ya nowadays even the well-clothed can be a f**k buddy or flings w/benefits.

So it's really one's choice to stick to only one or succumb to the lust of many..