Sunday, September 27, 2009

From Dusk Till Dawn

Blistering, the day has been,
ovenlike, the room we were in.
Passionately we kissed,
lustfully we frisked.

We were hopelessly naked.
I nibbled your earlobe,
savored the length of your neck,
as you heaved, trying to cope.

I relished every inch of your skin
and held your tenderness.
You were impatient, humbled, pinned,
as I wetted around your nipples.

You gripped onto my shoulders,
as my lips wrapped around your senses.
Soon, your anticipation heightened.
You gasped and your grasps tightened.

Nectar trickled out of where your thighs met,
onto my lips, all over your hips.
Watery beads formed on your head.
Trying not to cave in, you bit your lips.

I dug deeper,
in search of your best kept secret.
You begged louder,
yearning that I'd be less wicked.

But I reached across your knees
and pushed into your sweetest spot.
I brutally pleased
as you mindlessly hissed.

The clapping rang and bounced,
as we sped and jounced.
Soon, our pleasures were eager to bolt.
We were coming to a breathless halt.

Finally we plunged into a scalding epicenter,
while erotic heatwaves rippled.
Our music piece has reached its volcanic pinnacle.
We panted with joy, and blissfully cuddled.

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a Passerby said...

Nice verses...