Thursday, September 24, 2009

Littlest Things

It’s amazing how small acts of kindness and friendship can boost your morale.

A friend insisted writing postcards to me despite living in this digital era. Another friend asked me to be one of his brothers for his wedding. Friends (read: former colleagues) asked me out, reason being they missed my smile. Colleagues subtly acknowledged my (relatively new) presence by teasing how cute my tie is. A girl, who is currently temping in my company, came up to me, smiled, chatted and left smiling. My no-nonsense father (read: austere) laughed with me while watching a variety show. My unassuming mother cleaned my room, knowing that I will be drunk for the night.

A boy celebrated his sixth birthday with 15 friends in McDonald’s – the first since he was diagnosed with leukemia three years back.

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MunTeng said...

yeah those things are really sweet. It's rare that people cherish small things like these. (: and i like what u said 'affair has more rules than marriage' haha.