Sunday, October 07, 2007

Painting The Town

In case you were kept in the dark, I was on a trip in Taiwan last week. And no, this should be a short, non-sexual entry.

Well, despite being there for the second time, Taiwan still took my breath away. I basically drooled over 2 things over there - the food & the girls. The former tasted delicious and the latter looked delicious.

You may have read somewhere that the Taiwanese government is pretty screwed-up with its politicians spending most of the time backstabbing each other when they can actually sit together and plan how to make lives better.

To my surprise, even though I presumed that an economic dark cloud constantly looms over the country, I see smiles everywhere I go in Taiwan, unlike in Singapore, where at least one citizen frowns (or sulks) every minute of the day, even in his/her dreams.

The Taiwanese are quite open-minded too (if I hadn't mentioned this already). And they are less stuck up, whether or not they are in 西门町, 五份埔, 士林, 通化, 乌来, 新店, 淡水, 指南宫, 野柳, 饶河 or 基隆.

Damn. I missed Taiwan.

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