Friday, November 23, 2007

Finger Food

It was 18 Nov 07, a Sunday afternoon.

We were frolicking on my bed. Earlier, I had called her, telling her I needed a fuck. She then teased, "I want fuck you slow and hard. Would you want me to do that?"

Naughty girl. Wait til we meet, I thought with an impish grin.

She giggled as I flicked my tongue around her nipples, but those giggles were reduced to light gasps as I brushed my fingers across her inner thighs.

I continued to caress her thighs playfully, with my fingers closing in on her pussy at times. Meantime, I grazed around her breasts and along her cleavage, not wanting to miss any patch of her skin. As I nibbled across her tummy, I sense her restlessness heightened with deep breaths.

"Stop playing, you devil," she cursed through her teeth.

She ruffled through my hair impetuously as I circled her pubic mound with my tongue.

"Who wants to get fucked slowly minutes ago?" I asked while breathing into her pussy. Her plaintive cry was her only reply.

Her moans become audible as I gave her long slow laps on her pussy. I looked up, and saw that she has swung her head back, attempting to enjoy the sizzles my tongue has splashed on her pussy. She looked up, wondering why I've stopped.

I surprised her by licking her pussy with fast strokes. "Oh! You, naughty boy!" she exclaimed, swinging her head back again.

It wasn't tough locating her clit. I have to hold on to her waist as she sqiurmed and hollered with joy when I sucked her swollen spot. With my lips still leashed onto her clit, I slid a finger in to explore her wetness.

She whined and sighed, squeezing my shoulders. It's as if she detests what I'm doing, yet she wants more. She got wetter as I slid my finger in and out, and she tried squeezing my finger with her pussy. It's just like the time when she tried milking my dick while she rode me.

It wasn't before long when she finally cried out with her hips raised, hovering above my bed. Limp with exhaustion, she slumped into my pillow, taking a breather while savoring the scorching climax.

I smiled and spread her legs, teasing her already-wet pussy with my dick.

"Ready for this?"


human-communications said...

have been reading your blog for quite sometime..
i guess i need 'new friends'..

nice encounters you've there...
would like to add you in my msn list..
you mind?
i aint no gay.. pure straight guy with HUGE interests in ladies..

just wanna know more friends in the internet..


HoneyBum said...

woah you are back with more to offer eh? guess u have e popularity with the guys too! HAHA.

Soul said...

That makes it twice in Nov.
Or did you miss out all the other times ? *wink*