Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Public Display Of Affection

Recently, I recalled this news about this NS guy who had sex with this 14 year-old girl. Both were caught red-handed at the staircase of a shopping mall in town by a security guard.

I remembered hearing this news on the radio in the year 2000. I wasn't armed with such a high libido then, and believed that sex can only be kept indoors. Naturally, I was appalled that this NS guy really got the balls to romp in public.

Well, being a pure Sagittarian, I'm was very enthusiastic and curious about the idea of having sex in public. Although I found the aforementioned news astounding, I wanted very much to try it.

My chance came a couple of months later when I met up with this Net friend of mine. She was a bubbly and fun-loving 18 year-old who was constantly sexually wet. But we never got physical though. One bad point about her is that she always borrowed money from me and never returned them. So I decided to be the jerk to take advantage of her.

She came to me one night and asked for some cash. As usual. So I said OK and met up with her at a void deck near to where she lived. I didn't give her the money immediately, and gave an excuse to have a chat at the staircase. (But I think she knew what's on my mind though. Open-minded girls tend to be sexually smart.)

So while chatting, I made use of every opportunity to touch her - Her hair, hands, and even her thighs - just to warm things up. She, too, stroked my thighs and played with my ears. Soon after, I felt that there's enough teasing and I tickled her. She was laughing and tried to push my hands away, but I just went on playing with her and got her to lie on the ground.

We both looked at each other in the eyes and knew immediately what was to happen next. There were a lot of kissing and fondling. Our body temperatures rose as we got physically close. And we were very excited even though it was a very uncomfortable venue to have sex. Plus we have to do it real soft and quick.

But I decided to take the risk. *Grins* Pulling up her T-shirt, I removed her bra and started to lick her breasts slowly. She quickly shifted her nipple into my mouth, indicating a strong desire for them to be sucked. I wrapped my lips around her nipple and sucked it like I'll never let go. She reacted quite strongly by tugging onto my hair, which made me sucked harder. She got wetter when I played with her other nipple with my fingers.

She moaned louder as I glided my tongue across her tummy. I must count myself lucky that night as she was wearing a skirt, instead of jeans. Her panties came off easily, and I didn't waste too much time contemplating my next step. Soon, my tongue was slurping around her pussy with her standing on the steps of the staircase. She didn't withhold the flow of her juices though.

After a few minutes, she motioned me to lie down, and pulled off my pants. She took off my boxers at the same time and unveiled my manhood. It was quite apparent that she can't bear all the foreplay anymore when she quickly positioned herself above me. And within seconds, my dick was in her pussy. She began riding me very quickly. And I really mean very quicky. She was panting and tried to stay as quiet as possible. But of course she let out a few soft moans from time to time.

And me? I was squeezing her breasts and proceeded to grab her butts to control her speed. I wanted to sit up to kiss her neck, but she kept me down. You readers should know what's the result.

I squirted my whitish liquid into her with her lying on top of me. It was a raw battle without any plastic involved. And I must really thank the gods that her period has just ended the day before*. So there wasn't any pregnancy scare. (Many will think that I'm such an irresponsible bastard by now. "No condoms? You want the girl to conceive unnecessarily, is it?" Yes. I'm wrong. Forgive me please.)

It was a breath-taking experience, and I believe anyone living in this era would have gotten a taste of it already.

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