Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Internet Bubble

I was sharing some sexual experiences with a close Net friend this evening, and I have this sudden urge to share this encounter with you readers out there.

I had this other close Net friend a couple of years back. As mentioned, we met on the Net. The IRC, to be precise. As usual, we chatted about the normal stuffs initially. Then it got more personal and detailed. (This always happens if two open-minded people of the opposite gender chat online) We exchanged our preferences, eg. parts of the body which are sexually sensitive, places where sex happened, our first-times. We even teased each other on the phone. (There was no phone sex though)

Then we decided to meet up. I was getting prepared for what is gonna happen later in the evening already. *Grins* And I thought she knew.

She was quite a beauty, I must say. (Other guys might think otherwise) We caught a movie. Grabbed some bites. Generally, we enjoyed each other's company. Then it was time to put the plan into action. We went to chat at a staircase landing in an anonymous shopping mall.

Seconds later, we were kissing already. Then all the stroking began. Necking came next. My Net friend started to pant from all the tongue-locking. I reached inside her shirt and stroked her breasts. Suddenly, she stopped and unbuckled her bra. She wants more, and she was moaning softly when I started to stroke the area around her nipples.

"I'm getting wet.." I immediately understood what she meant and tasted her nipples. There were more moaning. More caressing. She stood up and took off her jeans, revealing her black panties.

The whole experience was getting very exciting. We're making out in the public. And we have to do it quick! Now I understand the phrase - So many things to do. So little time. So, we skipped licking the clit. There was still fingering. But it was quite easy as she's already dripping wet.

The long-awaited moment was dawning upon me when she made a very unwelcomed decision.

"I'm not prepared for this" At that point, I've forgottened the meaning of the word Patience. But I still recognise the word Respect. So, I grabbed her by her waist and fingered her at full speed while standing behind her. She lost control of herself and moaned at the top of her voice. At the same time, she reached behind and grabbed my dick. There were a lot of fingering and masturbating.

The result was that we both came. Cum and juices were mixing in everywhere except for her pussy. It was quite satisfying though. But I was equally disappointed.

Like what I've said - I was getting prepared for what is gonna happen. But she wasn't.

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hazel said...

hah - your experience seems very familiar - - will share with u guys another day about what happened when i met this net pal many years back - - anyway, FYI, my 1st time was much much worse - hah -- terrible in fact -- anyway continue blogging and i'll visit whenever possible ya

thanks for ur support on my blog anyway - -