Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Wine, Dine & 69

First of all, I'm sorry to keep some of my readers waiting. (You know who you are. Haha!)

Anyway, November was a fantastic month! So was December! Nah, not that I had more sex than ever. It's just that everything went on smoother than before.

In addition, I got to know a few girls. Girls whose sex drives are as high as the heavens! So, it was quite obvious that we spent most of our time talking about sex. We shared our sizzling experiences, joked about our first-times, drooled over sex toys & got all aroused over foreplay.

One particular topic caught my interest - oral sex. To the ladies, it's known as fellatio. And to the fellas, it's known as the hard-to-pronounce cunnilingus. I'll touch on cunnilingus (ie. stimulation of the pussy) in the near future.

Now, let's talk about fellatio (ie. stimulation of the dick)!

An amateur would bob her head up & down while she slurp over her guy's shaft. But an expert would not only blow for her guy, but she would most probably blow his mind away.

And I mean far, far away.

I had this very one experience which made me fully understand the real meaning of a blowjob.

She licked & sucked like she never tasted meat before. No, she wasn't barbaric. Neither was she impatient. She was like a judge in a cooking contest, taking her time to leave sticky trails all over my dick. She was a naughty schoolgirl, engulfing my dickhead with her lips as she flicked her tongue teasingly.

She massaged my balls. With her hands? Nope. She has already moved on. With her mouth, I mean. She sucked hard, savouring lustfully. She sucked harder while she grab her fingers around my dick.

She even gave soft bites! I was groaning in pain, yet I was smiling.

She wasn't merciful either. The moment my thighs grew taut, she knew I'm gonna blow. She didn't want this food-tasting session to end. She grabbed the base of my dick. That urge to detonate subsided.

For now.

She continued her teasings, breathing onto my dickhead at times. I'm having flashbacks about me humping her. I did it slow at first. Then I went faster, harder & deeper. She interrupted my train of thought. Suddenly, she went faster. And harder. And faster.

She's having her sweet revenge.

I surrendered withing seconds, filling her throat with her much-deserved rewards.

Should she swallow or spit? That doesn't matter anymore.

A reader commented, "Should I kiss her even after my cum went through the roof of her mouth?" It's a definite yes.

That's what I did before mounting her & brought her to the heavens for the rest of the night.


yannx said...

sarong partygurl changed her blog. for ur infomation=D

The Horny Bitch said...

chiem leh ur english..

Did I inspire u to blog abt oral sex? hahah

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Sexual Innuendo said...

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I still say there's nothing wrong with oral sex! Vote me for Prime Minister, and I will reverse that law! LOL

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nice blog :)

The Horny Bitch said...

Hey. Thank u! =) No new post how to leave msg?

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Long time no update?

Still having New Year's holidays??

The Horny Bitch said...

Brudder, still waiting for new post hor..

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cool blog you got! and many thanks for the link-up!

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