Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sharp Tongue

I was reading this article on how to give fantastic blowjobs & cunnilingus when I recalled two incidents.

The first one was an encounter with a female friend of mine. It was the first time I experience a blowjob. *Grins* And it was definitely mind-blowing for a first-timer like me. We were chatting in one of the Singaporean parks when I finally coaxed her into petting. (She was horny anyway.)

It was quite obvious that there were lotsa kissing, fondling, stroking & fingering. I wanted to let my dick explore the insides of her pussy when I felt a cold quiver down my spine.

Well, I was afriad of getting caught though I've escaped unscarred before.

So, I grabbed the opportunity and requested for a blowjob. And she agreed!

I undid my pants and lowered my boxers, unveiling my erected dick. She bent over and wrapped her lips around my dickhead. I loved it immediately! It was unfortunate that she wasn't an expert because she didn't taste my balls. She focused on my shaft instead.

My, it was really hot within. The walls of her mouth were similar to the walls of a pussy. She sucked my dick like how a pussy contracts & squeezes. It was pretty sensational for a newbie.

It didn't take too long for me to unload myself into her throat. "Sweet", was her final comment. *Smiles*

Now for the second incident. It was an encounter with my ex-girlfriend. This time, it's cunnilingus. And yes, you've guessed it. It's my first time licking a pussy.

I've had sex with my ex-girlfriend on a number of occasions before and she has always complained that I'm unproficient in foreplay. So, I read a couple of men's magazine to hone my skills. And it's time to put them to the test.

We were fondling and kissing as usual when I started to kiss her thighs. A little surprised at first, she quickly got into the mood. My tongue went dangerously close to her pussy, and then I glided away teasingly. She kept on shifting her hips to get her pussy into my mouth but I didn't give her what she wanted.

After a short while, just when my ex-girlfriend was already panting impatiently, I gave her a sensuous stroke on the lips of her pussy with my tongue. She let out a loud approving moan. More of those moans became audible when I explored the insides of her pussy while my lips rubbed against her clit.

I proceeded to suck her clit gently and fingered her at the same time. My ex-girlfriend? She was already screaming for my entry. She wanted to feel my dick badly.

This time, I granted her wish. You readers should know the rest of the story. It all ended with a couple of steamed bodies & a sticky mess within my bedsheets.

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