Sunday, September 18, 2005

Female Domination

I have never had sex with a sexually experienced girl until I was 20. And she was then 17.

She was a Net friend whom I knew through the then-crowded IRC. Frankly, we never talked about sex. I never knew anything sexual about her. Our chats usually surround our hobbies, our dislikes & every-day happenings. We, too, met up for movies, shopping & dinner.

But no sex was involved.

Inevitably, sex became one of our chat topics after knowing each other for 7-8 months. It was then I discovered she wasn't a virgin anymore. She lost it to one of her boyfriends when she was 15. I didn't know whether she loved sex since but I assumed she's hooked to it.


Because she revealed a lot about her sex life - Having romps in the public bus, the number of times she masturbated weekly & how she loved it when her guy licked her nipples. On top of that, she asked me a lot about my sex life - how hot were my experiences, do I use condoms & have any girls done a bj on me before.

One fine day, we met up again. She proposed it, saying she needed help with her school work. She popped by my place and I tutored her. We lazed around after awhile and started to chat.

It wasn't meant to be a sex session, but it all started from chatting about sex. She shared her recent experience and it got the both of us all turned on.

It came to a point when I'm really hard down there and it was an obvious sight to her. (I was wearing shorts and something was tenting through. How unsubtle can it get?) Finally, I grabbed her by her waist and kissed her on her lips.

Our tongues were doing the swordfight when I caressed her back & down to her butt, squeezing it occasionally. I took off her T-shirt & fondled her soft breasts through her bra. What surprised me was she took the initiative to undo my shorts and stroke my dick. The girls I had sex with were comparatively inexperienced, and they usually let me do the petting.

But this girl took the cake. She took off her bra and motioned me to taste her breasts. I did it without hesitation. I then reached into her waistband and slided off her skirt. It got more intensed when I pulled off her panties.

We're exploring each other with our hands and mouths. I tasted her breasts while breathing onto her cleavage. She was moaning softly while locking her fingers into my hair. I then allowed my tongue to glide down her body, kissing her tummy along the way and reached her thighs.

She spread her thighs, and I nimble her inner thighs teasingly. As her moans got louder, I plunged my face into her pussy, breathing through her tuft of pubic hair. She immediately arched her back & pelvis, bringing more of her juice into my mouth.

Soon after, she pushed me onto my bed, and straddled over me. Positioning herself over me, she then allowed my dick to push through her vaginal walls. My dickhead was engulfed with her juices. Squishing noises were evident as she rode me enjoyingly.

I got up, grabbed her by her shoulders and swung her onto the bed. She clung onto my neck as we humped in the missionary position with her getting wetter & wetter.

We were perspiring and just when I thought I've surmounted her, she pushed me onto the bed again! Once again, she rode on me with my hands fondling her breasts & stroking her nipples.

She came within seconds later, flinging herself onto me, panting on my chest. It was apparent that she was deeply satisfied.


I was dominated.


Dear Lady said...

good job jack.. love your posting more and more.. what an experience.. keep it up..

humper_boy said...

man ur a me hw to be like u