Sunday, December 19, 2010


I could not keep my hands to myself.

I was walking her back to her apartment and it has been 10 minutes since she subtly hinted that she is horny.

No, her hint did not come in the form of "I'm wet" or "I need you now".

She merely told me that licking a part of her body will turn her on, and when I guessed breasts, she smiled and looked away meekly.

Then I noticed that her bosoms looked seductively curvy.

She was wearing a pair of push-up bra.

I almost jumped her there and then, desperately wanting to rip her blouse off. But I kept my composure and gentlemanly hugged her closer.

"Let's see if anyone's at home," she whispered.

The flat was empty.

She went ahead to take a shower while I quietly (and excitedly) sat in her living room.

After awhile, I heard her turn the shower off.

I looked towards her bedroom with eager anticipation, hoping to catch a glimpse of her wrapped in a small towel. Then, as if in a horror movie, she appeared by her bedroom doorway, dressed in a T-shirt and a pair of shorts.

I was sure I jumped, but I kept my cool.

"You want to come into my bedroom? It's cooler in here."

Cooler? I doubt so. If it plays out like I presume it to be, it is going to get hot. Like Mount Vesuvius. Or any volcanoes. When erupting.

I calmly followed her into her room and sat beside her on her bed.

"Now, what do you want to do?" she asked.

I was about to reply something decent, when I happened to peer into her T-shirt and sighted her braless breasts.

I could not wait any longer.

I leaned in and kissed her, with one hand reaching into her top to cup her breast. We alternated between french kissing and necking, as we gasped with heightened joy.

When we pulled away for a breather, we were already topless.

She laid on her bed, looking back at me with a sheepish grin.

Then I dived into her bosoms like a schoolboy who has seen a pair of womanly breasts for the first time.

I kissed her breasts happily, leaving a couple of hickies along the way. She arched her back and moaned aloud as I slurped on her nipples.

I then led my tongue southwards across her tummy and removed her shorts, letting her thighs bounced open gently in front of me.

"Has anyone licked you here before?" I teased.

She blushed and shook her head lightly.

"Want me to?" I teased again.

Knowing our answer, she giggled and looked away shyly.

I snuggled close to her pussy and started to lap on it. She instinctively tried to close her legs but I held her thighs wide open. Seconds later, she began to experience new waves of thrill. She gasped and sighed as she bit into her pillow, as if trying to hide her satisfaction.

Her body told a different story.

She would squirm away for awhile and return to grind her pussy against my tongue and mouth with irregular rhythm. I held onto her waist tightly as I relished every bit of her nectar.

Suddenly, her waist gave a sharp upward push and she let out a cry.

She came.

Not resting for a bit, I climbed atop her and pushed myself inside.

I thrusted hard, wanting to go as deep as possible. She looked at me with her half-closed eyes, but would bite her lips and look away from time to time, as if unable to bear the scorching heat that our bodies are producing.

Soon enough, I could no longer hold back and spewed onto her tummy as we both heaved with pleasure.


woodynyou said...

I loved the way the sexual tnesion built as you waited for her to take a shower -- you knew something great was going to happen but not how it would unfold.

ssn713 said...

You do have a good imagination. Great story.