Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Can Almost Taste It

I must admit girls these days really know how to dress up.

And I’m not only referring to nubile girls dressed in clothes (if that’s what we still call them) that are of no difference to a running singlet, a party-bra and a pair of FBT shorts.

Just a month back, I spotted this young lady in stiletto heels, wearing a tight-fitting toga. Not many ladies can look that good in a tight-fitting toga, and she’s definitely a sight for sore eyes.

Then, a man hugged her from behind and said, “Why did you dress up like a sex pot for a wedding dinner?” That man turned out to be her husband.

That was when I, together with the bulge in my pants, heaved a sigh of envy.

Then, just last night, I met up with a female ex-colleague.

She used to be a Plain Jane, but turns out that she has picked up some good fashion sense as well.

The tube dress and the push-up bra that she wore exuded the sensuality in her and the pervert in me.

Many times, our arms and thighs would touch, and she would lean in close enough for me to smell her hair and to visibly feast on her scarcely visible cleavage.

So close, I could almost taste her.

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melon said...

Yeap,i recently noticed too there are some girls around with awesome dresses you can't help but gaze with concentration =)