Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Wet Ration

Well, it's the famous V-day! Saw a couple of lovey-doveys on the streets hugging each other so tightly as if it's the end of the world. One can imagine what's gonna happen next - Roses, chocolates, dinner.

Then sex.

Oh. Chocolates. The gift of choice. They're sweet items which'll melt so nicely in your mouth and run so smoothly down your throat.

Now that reminds me of pussy-licking.

I used to only finger girls, thinking that that's already enough for them, looking at the way they writhed and moaned while I slided my 2 (or 3) fingers in & out of their love-caves. Then one day, the idea of cunnilingus struck me after I watched a Korean porn flick.

Instead of questioning why those Korean girls react so strongly to tongues flicking around their pussies, I asked, "Why not?"

So, while engaging in foreplay with one of my ex, I decided to head south. After cat-bathing every patch of her skin, I made my way to her tummy. Sucking around her belly button got her into the mood. I traced her thighs with my tongue, paying attention to her inner thighs.

My, she smell so good!

And so I was licking her right thigh, inching towards her pussy. I got really close, breathing down onto her vaginal lips as she arched her back slightly, bringing her wetness towards my face. I waited for a couple of seconds before proceeding to her left thigh.

She moaned louder. I sensed a mixture of despair & high anticipation in her. She squirmed around so much, trying so hard to get her pussy to touch my lips.

Or vice versa.

Well, I continued teasing her until she almost gave up. Then I surprised her by covering her pussy with my mouth, flicking my tongue inside. She twitched with excitement as I explored her warmth, tasting her juices. Now she's really audible. Rubbing her feet & calves on my back, she slowly hugged my face with her thighs.

And she's really wet! I tried to dry her pussy by licking it faster, sucking up as much love-juice as I can, flicking my tongue in & out of it. But no avail. I adusted my focus to her clit and slowed down. Still using my tongue, I massaged her clit in a circular motion, not forgetting the area around it. I can hear her breathing through her teeth. Keeping her clit red & swollen, I did what I used to do. Sliding 2 fingers into her pussy, I sucked her clit gently.

It become apparent she's cumming anytime. I fingered her faster, harder & deeper. Moans turned to muffled screams within seconds. Her thighs got taut.

She came. After taking a few breather, she opened her eyes & gave a satisfied smile.

One can only imagine what's gonna happen next.

Clue: She came more than once that night.


The Horny Bitch said...

So explicit...

The Horny Bitch said...

Oei.. Do something to ur sex life. Else I have nothing to read liao..

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Anonymous said...

so..any new entries?

Anonymous said...

er dude...any more updates? LOL

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megadisc said...

wah kao...where in the F*** got girl ask guy to go have sex so that she can read about in the blog wan ???
so awful...