Thursday, July 29, 2010

Angels & Demons

I met Aphrodite and Succubus today.

Aphrodite came in the form of a docile yet confident young lady, somewhat like morning sunshine.

She has the right curves and she flaunts them, but she does so subtly in her flowing pinafore.

Her looks grows on you. She made sure that she melted my heart with her puppy-dog eyes, but I was reduced to dust whenever she smiles and chuckles.

She isn’t someone who I’d fuck; I wouldn’t even dare to mentally undress her. She’s so delicate that if I’d stick my dick inside her, she’ll break into million pieces of starlight.

Succubus was a different story.

She grins, playing with her silky hair, baiting you to eternal hell.

Forget Pamela-esque breasts and Shakirian hips; that’s old-school. Her body-fitting dress and her never-ending legs can condemn crusades, let alone me.

I froze as she bent forward to discard some waste paper into my bin, but I was relieved that I was able to maintain my composure and the rigidity of my dick. She stood up, beaming, and walked away from my desk.

Then she had to drop her pen.

That was when I almost burst into flames, with thoughts of me compelling her with the power of my dick.

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Anonymous said...

Well bro, if I were you...I'd DO THEM BOTH. *evil laughter*